Global Lead for Safeguarding, Senior Manager

  • Location
  • UK (London)
  • Department
  • Safeguarding
  • Vacancy Type
  • Permanent
  • Job Advert Description
  • We're looking for a Senior Manager to take the lead and oversee the mainstreaming and strengthening of safeguarding across Girl Effect on a global scale - further ensuring that preventing harm to children and young people is at the centre of all our work. This role will lead the implementation of our Safeguarding policy and procedures across the organisation, including providing support and guidance to Safeguarding Officers in our country offices and product teams. You will also be responsible for ensuring that procedures and practice are continually updated and that safeguarding innovations are developed that respond to the dynamic and evolving interventions developed across the organisation. 

    What You'll Be Involved In:

    Implement and update safeguarding policies and procedures across the organisation.

    • Lead the implementation of safeguarding policy and procedures across the organisation, promoting a culture where the safety of children and young people is at the heart of everything we do
    • Review our safeguarding policy and procedures annually
    • Develop and update guidance, training and other materials to help all staff implement safeguarding policies and procedures
    • Supervise and support the Digital Youth Engagement and Safeguarding Manager to develop and implement policies and procedures to promote digital safety, security and privacy across all digital channels
    • Liaise with internal teams to ensure we have strong measures in place to re. digital safety and data protection, including compliance with GDPR
    • Deliver induction training to new staff and provide a range of learning opportunities to ensure that the organisation is up to date and implementing best safeguarding practice  

    Supervise, mentoring and support to Country-level Safeguarding Officers

    • Provide on-going matrix management (technical backstopping, mentoring and support) to country level Safeguarding Officers.
    • Support Safeguarding Officers to review and update country level safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure they reflect the unique country context whilst also adhering to organisational minimum standards.
    • Provide capacity building and mentoring to country level safeguarding officers, ensuring they have the skills and confidence to lead safeguarding in their respective country contexts
    • Support Safeguarding Officers to conduct an annual safeguarding self-assessment and then develop a detailed work plan to address gaps and reduce organisational risk

    Oversee the organisational response to child protection concerns

    • Ensure clear reporting and response procedures are in place at country, global and product level - reflecting the legal and cultural context in which teams are operating.
    • Support the Digital Youth Engagement and Safeguarding Manager to ensure that appropriate reporting and response procedures are in place across all digital channels
    • Ensure that a mapping of the child protection context (legal framework, formal and informal protection services, key risks and opportunities) has been conducted in all countries of operation and that these are updated annually
    • Provide expert advice and support to staff in responding to protection cases, ensuring that our responses are timely and protect the best interests of the child, including advice to Safeguarding Officers in country
    • Build relationships and develop referral pathways with key protection agencies to ensure we provide safe and effective signposting to children and young people in need of protection
    • Ensure that confidential records of safeguarding concerns are maintained and appropriate follow-up is conducted

    Contribute to the safe design and delivery of new Girl Effect initiatives

    • Collaborate with staff across the organisation to ensure that safeguarding is embedded within the design and delivery of all our work
    • Ensure that risk assessments are undertaken during the design phase of new initiatives and that these are updated on a regular basis
    • Support the Digital Youth Engagement and Safeguarding Manager and staff across the organisation to ensure that digital safety, security and privacy is integrated into all our digital platforms and core infrastructure
    • Coordinate with internal teams to ensure that appropriate background checks are obtained for all new employees
    • Provide technical support to ensure that safeguarding is integrated into all monitoring, evaluation, learning and research initiatives.

    Ensure safeguarding is prioritised in external relationships

    • Support project managers to ensure that due diligence checks and safeguarding agreements are built in to all new partnerships, implementing and investment partnerships
    • Ensure that all visitors to Girl Effect’s programmes are thoroughly briefed on the safeguarding and that appropriate measures are in place to ensure the welfare of children and young people
    • Provide advice and support to staff developing media content and distribution platforms to ensure the safety and well-being of children and young people is prioritised.
    • Proactively seek opportunities to share GE’s learning and innovations in the area of safeguarding, particularly in respect of digital safety, security and privacy

    Essential experience

    • Technical and practical knowledge and experience of child protection programming
    • Experience in developing and implementing organizational safeguarding policies and procedures
    • Experience supporting country officers/ partners in the Global South to develop and implement context-appropriate safeguarding measures
    • Experience of women or girl centred programming
    • Skilled in designing and facilitating safeguarding training in different cultural and organisational contexts.
    • Experience identifying networks and building relationships with other agencies such as international NGOs, Government ministries and local authorities.
    • Knowledge and experience of digital safety, security and privacy


    • Strong co-ordination and proactive leading style and able to bring about positive change.
    • Ability to mentor and support staff remotely and apply global policies local contexts.
    • Able to develop monitoring, evaluation and learning processes for safeguarding.
    • Ability to manage conflict and handle sensitive issues
    • Strong inter-personal skills and awareness, particularly in cross cultural contexts
    • Strong influencing skills with an ability to work across departments
    • Good teamwork skills
    • Strong communication skills both written and verbal
    • Ability to be flexible within a fast paced, changing environment
    • Commitment to realising the potential of girls and to the vision and values of Girl Effect
  • Closing Date
  • 21/01/2018