Manager, Digital Research

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  • UK (London)
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  • Gender, Evidence and Insights
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  • Permanent
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  • The Manager for Digital Research will support the portfolio of digital research for Girl Effect, developing and overseeing research to support Girl Effect’s digital brands as well as broad areas of digital inquiry to support Girl Effect’s learning related to adolescent girls and use of digital globally. Their research will include formative and evaluative qualitative studies to inform digital contextual understanding, digital content, digital features, platform development. This role will play a key role in integrating findings from formative research and evaluative studies into ongoing and newly developing digital brands at Girl Effect, including Springster and Girls Connect. 

    The role will work closely with Girl Effect’s Evidence and Insights teams as well as digital brand teams to ensure that research is designed to answer core learning questions for the brands as well as the Evidence and Insights strategy as a whole. The role will integrate closely with the digital team’s quantitative monitoring portfolio to ensure complementarity across quantitative and big data approaches. From design through to dissemination, all research within Girl Effect requires cross-functional working with colleagues across Gender, Brand, Girl Networks, Connectivity and Relationships teams. 

    Key Responsibilities 

    Research, monitoring and evaluation: 

    • Oversee the qualitative portfolio of the projects and ensuring that project deliverables are carried out on time.
    • Liaise with teams and product leads to ensure that research is fit-for-purpose, girl-centred and appropriate for different cultural and social contexts and meets best practice for digital-focused research
    • Advise on the appropriate use and methodological design of qualitative research studies used to monitor and evaluate Girl Effect’s digital interventions
    • Oversee development of data protocols and systematic and comparable technical approaches to digital qualitative monitoring studies, including sampling, research instruments, and data treatment and analysis 
    • Oversee local research partners for field-based research, ensuring high quality and research implementation across methods, tools and sampling design, ethical and safeguarding standards, and quality field implementation, through liaison with data end-users and field implementation teams 
    • Quality assure data management, analysis and reporting from digital qualitative studies to ensure that research meets the highest quality standards and is effectively generating insights for end-users 

    Learning and sharing: 

    • Work closely with the Evidence leads for quantitative, digital and girl peer research methodologies to drive innovation and rigor in methods, measurement and insights generation, for diverse data needs and end-users 
    • Build on findings to continually refine and develop Girl Effect’s digital research methods frameworks for better evidence and understanding of learning, performance and impact 
    • Ensure that qualitative insights are accessible and promote research uptake for strategy development 
    • Work with Girl Effect’s insights team to develop engaging and well designed formats for presentations, briefings, reports and other knowledge products 
    • Represent Girl Effect at external conferences and events, through presentations and other knowledge sharing activities as required 

    Skills and Experience 

    • Educated to Bachelor's level or equivalent experience. Ideally a Masters degree in the social sciences;
    • Experience with digital areas of inquiry and digital research methods;
    • Experience of designing, conducting and applying qualitative research to support practical outcomes related to digital interventions;
    • Hands on experience of applied research in emerging markets or developing contexts;
    • Demonstrated expertise in implementation of qualitative research designs, fieldwork, data analysis and reporting;
    • Demonstrated skills in producing high quality, innovative and engaging research presentations and briefings for diverse audiences;
    • Background in programmes that relate to women and girls is highly desirable;
    • Strong cultural awareness and sensitivity about the cultures within which Girl Effect operates;
    • Experience coordinating work-streams across multiple geographies and ability to work effectively in multicultural teams with varying expertise, skills and backgrounds;
    • Creative and inquisitive mindset with strong communication and organisational skills;
    • Commitment to realising the potential of girls and to the vision and values of Girl Effect.

    The role will require up to 20% international travel. 

  • Closing Date
  • 26/02/2018