September 29, 2023


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10 Must-Know Fashion Tips To Remain Looking Young

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With each passing year comes the unavoidable and macabre fact of getting older. With that comes the effects of a deterioration of your looks, often leading you to look like well-worn leather. With that said there are some things you can do with the clothes you wear that can shave a year or two off of your age making you look and feel younger. So, whether you are wearing a new or pre-worn Christmas jumper, an ordinary everyday PreWorn jumper or alternatively a clothing style to remain looking young there are ten must-know fashion tips to aid in your endeavour of looking young(er). 

So what are the 10 must-know fashion tips to remain looking young?

Before we begin, it must be noted that the following ten must-know fashion tips are ranked according to the number of anonymous recommendations. With that said, number one has the most recommendations whilst number ten has the least. So, without further ado, the following are the ten must-know fashion tips.

1). Brighten your colour palette. When wearing a bright colour palette with the “perfect” colour combinations not only will you be more confident, feel more attractive but you will also look younger and more approachable. Additionally, wearing a brighter colour palette will make your skin look better and give you a more youthful appearance. 2). Simplify your outfits and accessories. Simple clothes and basic colours and designs can be a winner, given the right combination. Furthermore, utilising minimal accessories will aid in giving you that much sought-after younger look. 3). Find the right balance between “Slouchy” and Polished. The key is to find a middle ground between “slouchy” and Polished. 4). Add a trendy touch to your outfit. Just make sure that you are able to select an item that more than likely won’t go out of style for a few seasons. 5). Wear well-fitted clothing. Wearing clothes that “hug” your body in all the right places, will not only make you look younger but also feel younger. 6). Embrace patterns. It does not matter what the pattern is, the visual interest that is generated from the pattern will look playful, fun and youthful. However, it would be wise to lean more toward softer more curved patterns rather than the more harsh geometric patterns. 7). Show your ankles. By showing your ankles not only are you elongating the leg, but because the ankle, most of the time doesn’t show the signs of ageing as much as the rest of your body, it can give the illusion of being younger than you actually are. 8). Define your waistline. There are many ways to achieve this. The simplest and easiest would be to wear an outfit-appropriate belt. Another way to achieve this effect is to experiment with how much you tuck in your blouses and or shirts. 9). Prepare to show some skin. Don’t be afraid to show some skin just be mindful to keep it tasteful and more importantly age appropriate. 10). Add some structure. Adding some structure to your outfit can potentially add marginal definition enabling you to seem fitter, more muscular and seemingly a little taller and thus will be more flattering to your body type and composition.


The ten must-know fashion tips listed and explained above are ranked according to the number of anonymous recommendations and therefore are subjective. Furthermore, it should be noted that the above is merely a guide to help as many of the masses as possible, rather than a select individual. | Newsphere by AF themes.