May 28, 2024


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A Perfectly Worn Bridal Lehenga Makes The Bride Look Appealing

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Most of us have grown up seeing our aunties and cousins dressed up in a tomato red or pink bridal lehenga on their wedding. Most of the single girls dream of their wedding outfit. After all, the wedding is a lifetime event that every bride wants to make the most of. Nowadays, plenty of designs, cuts and lovely shades are available in the market for the wedding collection.

Though a wedding outfit of any bride makes her feel special and beautiful as never before, but here are some tips for adding more elegance and perfection-

Choose the Right Fabric – This is a significant point that should be kept in mind while buying a wedding lehenga. Yes, the right fabric makes a noticeable difference, so it is very important to pick the fabric according to body type, be it pear, apple, petite or athletic. For instance, the raw silk is the best choice for someone who is petite and georgette for little heavier body.

Go for the Right Sleeves Cuts – Usually, most of the brides don’t take blouse as a priority, but it is super important part of a wedding outfit. After all, the photographer takes most of the shots of the upper half of the bride. Therefore, upper body will be in focus more than lower one. Sleeves that cut off at the upper arms make them look casual and bulky while elbow length sleeves can make the bride look slim.

Lehenga Should be Worn on the Right Spot – The part of the body right above tummy and below the ribs is the perfect spot to wear the bridal lehengas because it is the slimmest part of the girls’ torso. As a bride, if you want to show off your figure, this is the perfect spot to wear lehenga that can make you look slimmer.

Drape Dupatta Perfectly – Perfect dupatta drape makes a big difference as well. If your breasts are little heavier and your face is round shape, avoid draping dupatta on the breasts with thick layers as it will make you look fat. If you want to look slim, drape your dupatta by pinning up on the side and leave it hanging like a saree. While draping dupatta, just bear in mind that it should look fitted, neat and nice that will make look flattering.

Go for Shapewear with Wedding Attire – Shapewears are playing important role in making the women look fit and pretty. A shapewear can really provide help in getting nice fit on the hips of women, especially if it is worn under bridal lehenga or designer saree that are fitted from the top. | Newsphere by AF themes.