July 15, 2024


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Affordable Leather Jewelry to Match Your Leather Skirt

Affordable Leather Jewelry to Match Your Leather Skirt

Many women are adding a striking piece back in their wardrobe by picking up the classic leather skirt, whether they are pleated or pencil, and there are a number of options to find affordable leather jewelry that matches those dark leather tones. Most leather skirts are solid blacks or browns so a little accessorizing can be welcome to an outfit.

Replicate Leather Skirt Fashions and Find Affordable Trendy Jewelry to Match

Bloggers in the fashion sphere are abuzz about dusting off their leather skirts and picking up a few more to call their own as they traverse across town and one common accessory you see amongst our skirt wearers is a stack of layered bracelets up one arm (usually the right). This strong piece of fashion should be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

With the simple tones on these skirts that provide that classic appeal, you can match nearly any type of blouse or piece of jewelry to make your outfit complete. This means you can stack almost any kind of bracelet to create that layered effect and the style will not look out of place. Also important, your options include finding affordable trendy jewelry for the layered look.

Leather Bracelets For Your Leather Skirt

When rocking a leather skirt, matching leather to leather seems a no brainer. Most wearable leather comes in similar colors so look for one that perfectly matches the leather skirt you wear the most. But you don’t have to be so monotone when you pick out leather jewelry pieces — you can find leather wrap bracelets either thick or thin that are adorned with rhinestones to add some glam or for a more subtle touch, seek out a bracelet with vivid crystal stones worked into the leather for that extra splash of color.

Rhinestones help add a little bling to your ensemble and a flashy piece on black leather can also add some rock and roll into your life. Find one in snakeskin leather for a look reminiscent of ’80s hair metal guitarists (just without all the frizz and hairspray).

The most important aspect of finding affordable leather jewelry to match your skirt is to make sure the two leathers match. As long as they are very close, your outfit will work but you shouldn’t try to mix and match similar leathers. They either need to be almost exactly the same or very different.