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Best Sports Goods You Can Sell In Your Online Store

Best Sports Goods You Can Sell In Your Online Store

sports goods you can sell in your online store
sports goods you can sell in your online store

Sports eCommerce started to become useful to consumers when the pandemic started. Since gyms and sports centers are all closed, people are forced to stay at home and start investing in gym equipment and accessories at home.

There are a lot of platforms where you can start your sports goods eCommerce business. Its profitability is expected to grow more in the following years. However, getting into the sports goods business is not just about purchasing and selling sports goods. It involves building a business plan, gaining knowledge as a retailer, and processing legal papers in keeping your online sporting goods store operating smoothly.

Unsure which sports goods to sell on your online store? Here are some of the products you can sell.

General Sports Goods to Sell

Sports Clothing

yoga clothes NH834400

Most people do not do their workouts or training in regular clothing. Usually, they only wear clothing that is made from lightweight and breathable fabrics for sweat absorption.

Dri Fit Shirts and Bottoms

This should be the item that your store has the most stocks on. Sometimes, coaches look for their team’s uniforms in an eCommerce store. You may provide discounts for bulk orders or have them pre-ordered if you think your stocks would not need their quantity requirement.

Wristbands and Headbands

sports headband NHJAY398994

The material used for wristbands and headbands is designed to absorb sweat faster. You can have different colors and sizes of your sports goods to meet the needs of all customers.

Sports Bra

With a good product line of sports bras, you will be able to attract women who want to have comfortable yoga sessions, workouts, or running. Since not all women’s bodies are the same, they have a sports bra product line that provides different support for every breast size.

sports bralette NH868257

Water Bottle

Hydration is necessary during exercise. That’s why you can sell sports water cups in your sports goods store.

portable sport water bottles NHMAI559147

Outdoor Sports

Cycling Accessories

Since cycling reduces body fats, stress, and risks of cardiovascular diseases, this sport has been continuously chosen by some people. By having these items on your online store, you will be able to attract these kinds of customers in buying products from your business.

Sports Sunglasses

Sports glasses can protect your eyes well from UV damage. And it is also a best seller this year.

sports sunglasses NH10015762


It is the most useful item for cyclists. None of them goes on the road without wearing one. You can sell them in different designs, colors, and brands. Because of the differences between each item, it is important to check the quality of each before they are displayed on your online store.

Bike Pump

Get bike pumps that come in compact sizes to display in your store. For cyclists, getting a smaller one is essential since it can be kept in bags and can be bought anywhere.

Bike Lights

Another essential in cycling, is bike lights are also one of the fast-moving sporting goods. You can sell cheap ones but you may also add professional bike lights to your products.

Backpacks or bum bags

You will need bags to organize your outdoor equipment. If it is running or other, having a bum bag is a good choice.

multifunctional backpack NH10004837
bum bags NH10004804
phone arm bag NH863105

Camping Gears

Rainforest provides peace and a relaxing ambiance, making camping one of the favorite recreational activities of busy people. It is also a favorite pastime during kids’ school vacations which makes camping and hiking gear saleable online.


If you want to please clients who are into camping and hiking, having good quality tents for beginners and advanced campers can attract them.

Sleeping Bag

If there’s a tent, there should be sleeping bags. There are sleeping bags that provide insulation and mosquito nets which can be displayed on your online shop for variety.


Day campers usually use hammocks. Some hammocks come in different colors which you can add to your product lineup for a variety of choices.

Camping Utensils

These are foldable spoons, forks, and knives which are also essential during an overnight camp. You may also add collapsible cups and bowls as recommendations. There are branded ones that can be recommended for frequent campers, or cheaper ones for those who do not camp often.

Cooking Materials

Aside from utensils, you may also sell camping stoves that come in different sizes. Some prefer foldable ones but some campers prefer a more durable camping stove for longer use.

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Every sports enthusiast needs these items to keep them fit. Having items used for fitness and bodybuilding is an advantage over your competitors.

Yoga Mats and Blocks

Since more people are now considering having their workouts at home, selling quality yoga accessories can attract these customers. You can have yoga mats and yoga blocks in different colors and brands for your clients to choose from.

Weights and Kettlebells

You may add dumbbells or weights to your product lineup. Also, kettlebells are considered essential by those who want to get their muscles toned. However, these can be heavier than the other products which may affect the cost of shipping.

Gym bags

You can have some gym bags for fitness people that are small but can carry all your workout gear and other gadgets. They are light enough to hold all your workout items.

water-proof gym bag NHAV297460

Water Sports


Swimwear is useful when playing water sports. It can be sold all year round, although its best-selling season is in the summer.

polyester bikinis NH10013336

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Swimming Accessories

Like other sports, swimming also has its essentials such as goggles, nose clips, or kickboards. You may have a product lineup of goggles for kids and adults who are casual or professional swimmers.

inflatable float water tank NH870131

Team Sports

Aside from items used in individual activities, you may also add items that are used in team sports. Items that can be used in training and clothing can be added to your product line.


Since most team sports use balls, you can have balls for volleyball, basketball, tennis, and soccer on your online store. You would not want to miss this opportunity since these players want to have their balls as they train on their own.

Baseball Gloves and Bats

Among other team sports, baseball gloves and bats are often bought together. These are not only bought by professional players but those who want to spend their weekends hitting and throwing balls can also be part of your prospective clients.

Other Items For Personal Hygiene

Personal items should not be shared during sports. It may include small towels, knee pads, anti-odor cleaners, skin balms, and many more. These items can be offered in bundles or per piece.


Now that you have an idea of which categories and products to include in your product line, getting different items for people who play different sports and have different lifestyles will allow you to attract more people to your shop.

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