June 15, 2024


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CrossCap & Workfront Integration | CrossCap

Everything You Need to Know About the CrossCap & Workfront Integration

Adobe Workfront is a work management system that helps businesses execute complex workflows efficiently. And many marketing teams turn to Workfront to help initiate and manage their omni-channel marketing projects.

Workfront users are often hit with the challenge of visualizing their marketing projects via calendar view—a functionality that the platform doesn’t offer. For marketing teams, using a marketing calendar is critical to ensuring tasks are completed in a timely manner.

CrossCap and Adobe Workfront have partnered together to meet this challenge head-on. Through the CrossCap and Workfront integration, you can improve your marketing planning, collaboration and visualization simply and quickly.

The Benefits of the CrossCap & Workfront Integration

The CrossCap and Workfront integration combines best-in-class marketing calendar tools with best-in-class project management tools. While Workfront allows you to plan marketing initiatives, assign tasks and see project statuses, CrossCap enables easy visualization of your marketing plan.

1. Easy Communication & Visualization

Large marketing projects and strategy requires support from key stakeholders within your organization. And without a plan to visualize or data to support your marketing moves, this support is difficult to earn.

CrossCap improves marketing plan visualization for all Workfront projects, simplifying communication of the plan to senior management and other stakeholders. As a result, CMOs and other key members can participate in the planning and execution of marketing activities.

This integration eliminates the complexity of viewing overlapping initiatives or understanding how marketing is supporting each initiative. It also eliminates the process of building specific marketing plan presentations used to showcase ideas to key stakeholders.

2. Simplified Omni-Channel Strategy Execution

Many marketing teams are focused on delivering customer experiences across all channels, from websites to social media. Unfortunately, planning and executing an omni-channel strategy can get overwhelming—fast.

Workfront allows you to seamlessly manage multi-faceted campaigns while CrossCap makes it easy to visualize all of your campaigns in one place. This integration makes creating and executing your omni-channel marketing strategy simple.

For example, you can plan out your programs and projects inside Workfront, including each task, who’s responsible and deadlines. And in CrossCap, you’ll get to visualize the omni-channel plan and success of your campaign via a holistic calendar view. Notice a change that must be made while viewing your calendar? Quickly send initiatives to Workfront from CrossCap to keep campaigns moving forward.

The CrossCap Calendar also provides a simple yet robust capability to filter your plan by brand, product, customer segment or region. These filters allow marketers to rapidly analyze the marketing plan ensuring products and brands are getting necessary marketing support. Plus, it offers insight on how you’re targeting a specific customer segment.

3. Automatic Data Sync & Cross-Platform Review

True integrations enable you to see your critical data regardless of the platform. When changes are made in one system, the data will sync back and forth between both systems. This ensures everyone on your team will have access to the newest data and information about your campaigns.

You and your team can also visualize your campaign metrics in both CrossCap and Workfront to assess your performance and make changes to improve future strategies.

4. Start Your Plan in CrossCap or Workfront

One of the greatest benefits of the integration is the ability to start your marketing plan in either CrossCap or Workfront. Both platforms sync with one another to provide an experience that best suits your business. This flexibility allows your marketing team to decide which teams and processes start in CrossCap and which ones begin in Workfront.

How Does the CrossCap & Workfront Integration Work?

CrossCap and Workfront offer an out-of-the-box integration, so set-up is quick and easy. All you need to do is provide your API credentials and complete a working session to define workflows. This step allows you to define the process that best suits your needs to ensure the right information is communicated between each system.

Once you define your workflows that fit your goals, data will be sent between Workfront and CrossCap and a connection will be established.

Now, you’ll be able to see when changes are made between platforms and data will sync seamlessly back and forth. And after you complete your campaigns, you can review and share data in both systems.

Integration Example: Building & Executing a New Marketing Campaign

Consider your need to create a marketing campaign for new product promotion. You can look at your CrossCap calendar and identify the dates required for your campaign. Next, you can add a calendar block that you’ll then see listed in Workfront. From there, you can begin the process of planning and assigning tasks.

As the campaign progresses, you’ll be able to visualize your changes inside CrossCap via the simplified calendar view. And when stakeholders require an update about the initiative, they can simply access the CrossCap calendar.

Learn More About the CrossCap & Workfront Integration Today

The CrossCap and Workfront integration allows for seamless marketing campaign visualization and communication. To take your marketing strategy to the next level, take advantage of CrossCap capabilities inside your Workfront workflow.

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