June 15, 2024


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Get Inked With Body Art Beauty – Five Common Tribal Heart Tattoos

The popularity of tribal heart tattoos has soared over the past years. It may be because more and more celebrities and rock stars have been sporting this cool image. In addition to this, tribal heart tattoos pose a youthful rebellious charm to it that no other tattoo design can.

This tattoo design is usually preferred by young people or an older audience who find their adolescent years very dear to them. Love can be the typical symbolism associated with this tattoo. However, since it has tribal patterns and designs, the meaning can go farther than just love. Passion, beauty, artistry, creativity and grief are just some of the other meanings it can hold.

Here are a few of the most popular tribal heart tattoos and what they mean.

First is the heart tattoo with the tribal vines and lines on both its sides. The tribal patterns can be long, it can also be short. The heart can be colored, just plain black or even just lined simply. For some people who have this kind of design, they say that this kind of tribal heart tattoo symbolizes having love at the center of their life. The tribal patterns may look like vines and thorns and could signify the hardships in life but at the center of it all, there is still love.

Another version of this tattoo design is a beautiful tribal pattern involving swirly and curvy lines and from a far can form a heart. Men usually prefer this since the heart is more subtle. It can be across the back and in very simple colors such as black or just an outline. According to men who have this kind of design or those who favor this, a pattern like this shows grief over a lost love one. It reminds them of the pain of losing a friend or a family member. The intertwining tribal patterns that make the heart signify that despite of the absence of this person, he or she is still loved and remembered.

On the contrary a heart tattoo with surrounding tribal patterns not touching or meeting the lines of the heart could mean a carefree and fun life. It could also be a remembrance of years of wild abandon and merriment. This kind of design is usually put on the lower back.

A series of heart tattoos across intricate tribal patterns can be beautiful too. Those who have this design say that they each heart can signify a member of their family or a loved one. Since this is a rather wide design, it can be put across the shoulders or the upper back.

Lastly, a simple heart with more pronounced tribal patterns can remind a person of his or her heritage. Tribal patterns have a cultural touch to it that can bring you back to your roots. Adding a heart to such a design means that you have love for your culture or where you came from.

Tribal heart designs vary from person to person. It truly holds a very personal meaning to each individual who has it or has chosen it.