June 17, 2024


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Gifts for your Unconventional Valentine – Anice Jewellery

Gifts for your Unconventional Valentine
– Anice Jewellery

Oh love month. 

See, a lot of people love to hate on Valentines Day and all of the heart-shaped candy and gifts it will bring. Many people think it’s a silly commercial holiday, leaving some feeling bad about themselves when they have no one to share the day with. I’m here today to squash the stigma around Valentines Day! 

Yes, it can be cheesy. But, it can also be a fun day to celebrate the love you feel for someone and most importantly, for yourself. Over here at Anice, we’re big advocates for BYOV (be your own Valentine!!!) 

What can make the day special and feel a little less commercial, is by getting someone something that shows how much you know and love them. None of that typical heart shaped chocolate stuff! (although…. we’ll still take the chocolate) 

Getting your girl custom jewellery is an unconventional gift, and nothing will say I love you quite like a personalized piece that is one-of-a-kind, just like the love you share. (awwww)

And HEY! A message to the single Jewel Babes out there: BYOV & buy yourself something special because you deserve it… and you’re sure to get something you love. 

Take a read below for the gifts we’d be swooning over if we were your Valentine…



The not-so-simple earrings 


The EAR CUFF. Need we say more?


The body chain. What a sexy gift from your partner, no?