October 2, 2023


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Gymnastics – What Not to Wear to Class

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When kids walk into their first day of gymnastics you never know what they may wear. I have seen children come into the gym for class wearing things that not only make you laugh inside, but attire that makes it impossible for them to participate.

When it comes to gymnastics here are some things you shouldn’t wear to class. Do not wear jeans. You can’t move well in jeans, plus they have buttons and zippers that will scratch and chip the gymnastics equipment. Loose baggy shirts are also a no no. They can be dangerous because the gymnast could get caught up in the loose tee-shirt while tumbling. It is also very dangerous for the coach if they are spotting gymnasts with loose clothing. My co-worker spotted a gymnast on a back handspring and her finger got twisted in the gymnast’s baggy tee shirt which broke her finger in three places. Don’t wear socks, they make you slip. All jewelry (except stud earrings) should not be worn. Believe me; getting a hoop earring caught and ripped out is not fun! If you are allowed to wear shorts at your gym make sure they are fitted and PLEASE wear undies under them!

Way too many times my teenaged gymnast forgot to (or just chose not to) wear undies, and that is not a pretty sight. Another thing young children seem to wear are tights and skirts. These both are prohibited. It is very hard for a coach to spot a gymnast who is wearing a skirt or tights; this makes it is very slippery and it gets in the way of both, the gymnast and coach. Do not leave your hair down. Not only will your hair dangle in your face and get annoying but it can also be dangerous. If your hair is down it can get yanked out by your own hands while tumbling. Or even worse I have heard of girls getting their hair stuck in the trampoline springs, ouch!! Make sure you use only a ponytail holder in your hair. If you wear clips they will break and poke you when you do skills such as backward rolls, handstand forward rolls or even dive rolls.

If you follow these few simple attire rules you will be a much safer gymnast!

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