July 14, 2024


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How do you know when you need help with your business? — Sharon Z Jewelry

How do you know when you need help with your business? — Sharon Z Jewelry

He is also helping me fix my Google Analytics tag (one of those dull, but very important issues that needed to get done). What a revelation that I didn’t need to struggle my way through this problem on my own.

It felt like I gave myself the gift of having a guide through the process. I didn’t feel alone.

As much as I love researching and learning for projects, that energy is best saved for my clients and their projects. For my own issues, hiring is the way to go.

Last year, I switched my email platform from MailChimp to ConvertKit*. This year, I will be switching my email service provider again to MailerLite. And you know what? I hired someone to switch my platform and set it all up. When I switch to MailerLite, I will also hire someone to do this for me.

Why? Because I am good at writing emails. I am good at sticking to a schedule. I am good at marketing. I am good at strategy. I am good at helping my clients and students.

I am not, however, a technician for switching email platforms. For that, I need a professional. There is also the peace of mind of having someone else there to make sure it gets done correctly.

My wish for you, and by extension, for myself, is to always feel engaged with your business, art and process. And if it takes delegating out the projects that don’t bring joy, and that suck up your attention, then it is well worth it.

Where have I gone for help? I contract some of my photo editing to Molly at WebGem. I use casting companies like Snell for the jewelry that I can’t make myself. To transfer from MailChimp to Convert Kit, I used Sophia Ojha and when I find my person to guide me through switching to Mailer Lite, I will be sure to share that here too. I worked with Meighan O’Toole for lots of behind-the scenes business organizing.

What can you do today to ask for the help you need?
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*I still recommend MailChimp to most of my clients even though I don’t use it for my business anymore. I have different needs for my email management because I keep separate and segmented lists.

Of all of the email service providers out there, MailChimp still offers the most robust free service. If you don’t already have a system set up for sending emails to your customers, I highly recommend MailChimp to start with.