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How to Buy Wholesale Jewelry and Accessories for Your Business?

How to Buy Wholesale Jewelry and Accessories for Your Business?

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One of the most important parts of owning a successful business, boutique, or a jewelry store is how you buy wholesale items. Stocking a wide range of high-quality, trendy products at the right price will help you stand out from the competition.

Here are the things to remember when buying in bulk and four key places for your business, boutique, or jewelry store!

Before you buy anything, you should know this… You are the owner of a boutique, not a department store, a large store with international branches, or a discount store. Unlike those superstores you have a super advantage: You, more than any of your big competitors, have the ability to design very specific collections for your customers and you will be able to provide them with a more personal, tailor-made service.


So while shopping, it’s critical to shop with your ideal customer’s unique taste, a unique and unrepeatable brand, and make sure you have the ability to change categories quickly and make money. This blog post will tell you WHERE to shop, and also HOW. We talk about this topic in other blog posts, which you won’t want to miss to really sharpen your sights. Because your profit is hidden not only in what you buy, but also in the numbers behind it all. 

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Which suppliers will you work with?

When you start buying in bulk, you need to integrate the right suppliers and be consistent in the style and quality of your collectibles in order to gain the proper trust of your customers. Many times, the strategy of buying cheap products to set the right price for your procurement costs but not generating enough profit will only hurt your business. You can always lower your prices, but if you have already set the price, you can’t raise it again, your customers won’t like it. In addition, the price suggests quality, that is why we always give you the trick of the price when you buy on our wholesale platform www.nihaojewelry.com. The price is always the thermometer to knowing the quality of the pieces.

Besides the price, quality products selected with your unique taste and beautiful photos will build the trust of your brand and customers. Although Nihao Jewelry strives to provide you with quality photos to market them, you have to keep in mind that those photos will be seen by thousands of people. If it is in your power to take photos of your own, do it as soon as you can. Build your brand with videos, styling sessions, design with unique sets or model photos, and change the style and take new photos if some products are not selling as you would like.

Now… Where do you find the best jewelry and accessories for your business?

4 places to buy wholesale for your boutique or jewelry business:

1. Expositions and Supplier Fairs:

Going to supplier expositions and fairs allows you to meet the suppliers directly and see the quality, touch and feel the products and, above all, be inspired. More than you can through photos, you will have the opportunity to see the latest trends and meet face to face with your suppliers and clarify many doubts as to how to buy and be able to immediately compare the price range of one against another.

While you are at these expos and fairs, you will find several excellent vendors. These range from sellers of clothes, accessories, shoes and gifts.

Each supplier will have its showroom (stand/exhibition room) and will show you their best-selling lines. And they will be able to send you the rest of their updates to the catalog by mail, WhatsApp or through their applications if they have them.

Each vendor will also focus on the demographics and similar prices of its ideal customers. You’ll see suppliers that are very focused on niche product categories as well as other larger suppliers like us. Almost any type of business can find what they need to supply their business.

Always ask for the “cash and carry”, there are several expos where you can buy directly from day one and others where you are only allowed to sell at the end of the event. If you already have favorite suppliers, you can even reserve the inventory that they will sell right there so as not to take it away, which is generally discounted. In general, the jewelry and accessories expos with ExpoJoya(one of the Mexican expos) are the ones that will sell to be able to take it away immediately, but also in clothing expos such as Intermoda(one of the Mexican expos), they will sell samples of complete clothing lines.

Nihaojewelry mexican expo
Nihaojewelry Mexican expo

Use our complete list of wholesale markets for jewelry, accessories, clothing, and gifts from across the continent, with the most important exhibitions. Just click here.

2. Buy wholesale online:

Some of the most popular online platforms besides Nihaojewelry(www.nihaojewelry.com) include Fashion Go, LA Showroom, OrangeShine, Tundra and Faire, and Alibaba. All of these platforms serve a different niche of the market, so find what suits you best. For high-end or protected options there is NuOrder. Each of these platforms is a little different in who they serve, but they all have great collections and options for their prospects and customers.

3. Dropshipping with Nihao

Nihao dropshipping system is for those businesses that already have their online store in Shopify or WooCommerce. You will have at your disposal more than 100,000 items in different categories to choose items and create your own collection that fits the unique style of your jewelry store or boutique. Always with the best price for the satisfaction of your customers.

For more dropshipping information check all these blog posts.

4. Fashion District in Los Angeles

There are many wholesale options in Los Angeles, but the easiest is to go straight to the Fashion District Los Angeles. We don’t recommend you just buy a ticket to Los Angeles tomorrow and tour the area in one day and expect to find everything you were looking for. There is definitely some strategy when it comes to going to Los Angeles that you should know beforehand. What else should you know? Click here to download the view of all the streets and how they are categorized according to what you want to buy.

fashion district

Do you have more questions on how to buy wholesale? And especially how to take your business to the next level, we have many courses to cultivate this part and help you sell more from Nihao Jewelry! Just ask us how to join them.

We know what it’s like to start, manage, grow and scale your boutique business.

If you want more resources to help you in your business, boutique or jewelry, sign up to our platform, and tune in to our Youtube videos, our educational blog posts or any of our social networks.

You will find that having us as a supplier will be a pleasant experience and you will feel covered to continue on your way to success.

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