July 14, 2024


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How to Use Short Message Service (SMS) To Attract Patronage to Your Business Outfit

How to Use Short Message Service (SMS) To Attract Patronage to Your Business Outfit

The GSM revolution in Nigeria no doubt affords businesses the opportunity to attract and keep customers.

SMS advertising provides a cost effective method of targeting promotions to specific customer profiles. You might want to remind customers of specific events or promotions, but for whatever reasons, SMS allows you to pass information directly to the right customer at very affordable prices and fast delivery.

If you manage busy Restaurant/bar/club, weekend nights usually are the peak hours of business. You can build a customers’ list by distributing papers on all the tables requesting customers to join our ‘Contact list’ by sending SMS stating their names and interest (Ensure you provide a list of Side attractions such as Choice of Music, menu etc) to a mobile number. Also inform them that anyone who sends in their details stand a chance of winning a free ticket to a show or a Big Treat. You can also ensure that the DJ announces this information all through the night. And in the early hours of the following day, send SMS to the winners to collect their free tickets from the DJ or whoever may be assigned with that responsibility, and before you know it, an 100 people may have joined your ‘Contact List’.

Now having gotten the Contact List, ensure you notify them of your promotions, events, shows etc weeks ahead of the D-day as reminders. You would be surprised that there will be a constant increase of your ‘Contact List’ when customers begin to depend on your reminders to know what is happening in the Club.

Go ahead leverage on the awesome power of SMS for your business today.