June 15, 2024


Business Woman

Masai Warrior Romance: Why Swiss Business-Woman Married LoinCloth-Clad Masai Warrior Lover

Probably the most famous Masai and white woman romance tales ever is that of Swiss businesswoman Corinne Hofman and the husband she says was a jealous alcohol addict Masai warrior Lketinga from Kenya in Africa.

It all started when Hofmann went for a two-week holiday in Mombasa, Kenya. It was while she was crossing a river on some ferry with her boyfriend, that she first saw Lketinga. It was not only love at first sight, but the powerful attraction she felt for the powerful Masai warrior made her feel “weak in the knees.”

She describes the experience thus in a newspaper interview she gave; “…You get lost, your legs shake and then you start to think this man will go away and I will be left here with all those feelings and you don’t know what will happen. After this moment I just wanted to sit down and cry. I was really lost. Nothing was important any more – my boyfriend, my shop. I just had to find a way to talk to this man.”

Moments after she set eyes on him, she got a chance to speak to him; amazingly he at least spoke some broken English. She even managed to take a photograph of him and reluctantly left Africa to return to Switzerland. But it was only to pack and tell her boyfriend that it was over between them. She then dashed back to Africa and went on a desperate search for the tall primitive Masai warrior who had literally swept her off her feet.

She ended up marrying him and the couple had a daughter. She later left her Masai husband and fled back to Europe with her then young daughter. Hofman has since written several best selling books on her experiences and a successful movie has even been made in Germany on the whole amazing episode.

Still many ask the question, what are the secrets of the Masai that make them so irresistible to sophisticated European women? What made Hofman go crazy with love and desire that was not quenched until she was in the arms of her primitive African Masai warrior? Some of the amazing never-exposed-before sex-secret-answers can be found in this Masai article.