February 28, 2024


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Medical Scrubs Link Medical Professionals Across North America

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When you think about print scrub tops it doesn’t render quite the iconic image as say a firefighter or policeman, yet in the medical world scrubs remain a common link among medical professionals from the United States to Canada.

Scrub jackets have certainly evolved over the years. From Disney patterns to lively animal prints, there are a variety of scrub patterns on the market. Nurses in a children’s hospital might opt for more fun, wild prints that often hold dual functions as both conversation starter and comforter for children leery of a hospital of doctor’s office visit; but despite pattern or color, the scrubs are the uniform of trusted nurses around the world.

Doctors, especially medical doctors, veterinarians and dentists are often the first to come to mind when we think of scrubs and sale scrubs, but there are many other medical professionals who wear the international scrub uniform. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, pacemaker technicians, laboratory technicians and others wear medical scrubs on the job.

Some hospitals require that certain departments wear the same color and style of scrubs, so that they are more easily identifiable. This has ties back to one of the original uses for scrubs, which stopped using white scrubs in the operating room to give better color contrast in the operating room, reducing eye fatigue and making blood splashes less obvious. This is another way in which the history of scrubs connects medical professionals across sex, race, language, experience and education.

It is no wonder that nearly all medical staff in both the United States and Canada dress in some type of medical scrub while they are at work. In some medical facilities even more administrative units and custodial staff wear scrubs.

Even though scrubs are the uniform of choice by medical professionals in most of North America, in Europe doctors normally wear standard professional attire with a white lab coat, unless they are in surgery. Nurses tend to wear a dress or a tunic and pants to complete their work attire.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see scrubs worn outside of a medical facility. Its lightweight fabric and loose fit have made scrubs popular for pajamas and weekend lounge pants. Many medical professionals find themselves purchasing multiple scrubs to accommodate the scrubs disappearing from the dresser drawer into the Sunday routine of loved ones and family members.

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