July 14, 2024


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My Top Three Fancy Dress Costumes For Fun Parties

My Top Three Fancy Dress Costumes For Fun Parties

I love fancy dress and ever since high school I have been dressing up as various characters at every opportunity. I was lucky to find a whole group of like minded souls when I went to university and every weekend was party time!

Being a teenager, sadly not any longer! I loved the attention and free drinks that a good party costume brought. Those guys just loved the outfits and when four or five bumblebee costume wearing girls walked in the wallets and the chat up lines just came out.

The great thing about different costumes is the way they seem to encourage conversation and we were never short of someone to talk to, we have made and kept some brilliant friends through the years and even now, in our middle aged twenties we still break out the schoolgirl outfits for fun.

I have had loads of costumes over the years, many cheap ones from eBay and gradually moving up the ladder a bit to some really good ones from various costume stores. Quality is definitely something worth paying for; No scratchy nylon!

My best party costumes have come from a couple of online outfitters shops and I have worn them and swapped them with my girlfriends and as long as you keep them dry cleaned and packed in clothes bags they last and last.

Number three on my list has to be my bumblebee costume from Angels costumes, this has seen many a good evening and with my bee wings, honey pot handbag and some cool heels it has found me a couple of boyfriends too.

Number two favourite outfit is a super sexy cave woman costume, this has a close fitting leather type bodice with a suede mini skirt. I generally dress it up with a fur effect headband, some suede boots and some funky bone jewelry. Girl power! I think I got it from Buycostumes on the net, they are a US company but have a great service to the UK.

Number one, save the best until last, this is my french maid costume. Now, I warn you, this is a real attention grabber and you would be amazed by the effect it has on the guys. It is soft and silky with a little french maid apron and I wear it with some really high heels, wow! Sexy or what? I picked this up from Angels as well, they have some very sexy party clothes and you need to consider where you are going to wear it.

If you have a party or hen night coming up then make it really fun by getting everyone in fancy dress, you will love it!