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Nihaojewelry Bestsellers in August 2022

Nihaojewelry Bestsellers in August 2022

Nihaojewelry bestsellers in August
Nihaojewelry bestsellers in August

At Nihaojewelry, we’re always looking for ways to better serve you, our sellers. That’s why we provide monthly reports on our best-selling products. They have proven to be very popular among shoppers. So you can resell these best-sellers or discover new possibilities based on this report.

Here are the Nihaojewelry Bestsellers in August 2022.

Shoulder bags go perfectly with almost anything in your summer closet, and they’re easy to hang over your shoulder, leaving your hands free for a summer romp. 

A summer tote is one of the essential accessories. Compared to a small crossbody bag, a large-capacity handbag is more suitable for going out or traveling.

Evening bags are not only Nihaojewelry’s bestsellers in August, but we predict they will be on trend for a while yet. Why? There are so many opportunities for people to attend weddings, parties, and celebrations in the next few months!

And Google Trends proves it!

google trends for evening bags

Stock up for evening bags now on Nihaojewelry!

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Women’s Clothing Set and Blouses

If you run a clothing boutique, it’s time to stock up on fall clothes! The best performers so far are clothing sets and blouses. Other women’s designer tops, as well as jumpsuits, are also more popular.

In addition to that, we’ve noted the popular designs among them, including ruffles, plaids, prints, and cutouts.

Christmas Sweater and Fluffy Slippers

It sounds like winter and Christmas are still a long way off. But experienced retailers are already seeking wholesale Christmas sweaters, fluffy slippers, and other winter products.

Of course, Nihao will update more trending Christmas and winter items in the next few months.

You always need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes in summer. Bright, colorful framed sunglasses are everywhere this summer. In addition to the regular sunglasses, the sports sunglasses trend is still alive and well. These styles are minimalist, sophisticated and easy to wear. If you follow Tiktok fashion, you will find many TikTokers pointing out this trend in their videos.

Nihaojewelry’s August best-selling sunglasses:

Nihao has a variety of Christmas and Halloween costumes and costume accessories to complete any look, from scary to sweet and everything in between. Costumes, masks, wigs, hair accessories and more, it’s all there.

Festivals, parties, and celebrations are always indispensable for gift wrapping supplies. We have a fun range of treat bags, gift bags and boxes, gift wrapping paper, and gift wrapping ribbons for any occasion!

Decorating is an essential step in creating the perfect party. Shop for a variety of party decorations for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas or any other occasion on Nihaojewelry!

If you like these items and would like to buy them in bulk, go to our website and shop now!

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