May 28, 2024


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Spice Up Your Attire With an Underwire Camisole

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A snug fitting, sleeveless lingerie, which covers the upper part of body from chest down to the waist, is known as a camisole or cami. Present day camisoles are designed to be worn as an outer garment, not only a lingerie or sleepwear, typically because they come with an inbuilt bra, which provides the necessary bust support and comfort. Such camisole is referred to as an underwire camisole.

Role of fabrics in underwire camisole

Fabrics, which are used in making underwire camisole, are normally cotton blends with nylon and spandex or elastin to maintain the garment shape all through the day without any sagging or looseness. The fabric gives the camisole a stretch, fit and construction with utmost compression, which allows flexible and comfortable mobility. The elastic bands used are usually kept soft and brushed to avoid discomfort. The fabrics used can generally be washed in machine or by hand and normally sustain multiple recurrent washes. Some of the modern-day underwire camisole is also available in microfiber fabrics. The ideal fabric for such tight-fitting garments are the moisture wicking fabrics, which leaves a cool and dry feel even after they are worn for hours together.

Benefits with underwire camisole

Underwire camisoles are specially designed to be used for sportswear, running, jogging or yoga. The bra in these camis has wider straps for improved support and ease. Back strap and fasteners can be adjusted and mesh panel is present inside for proper ventilation.

Get a sleek & sexy look

Underwire camisole can sometimes have a molded cup bra or an inbuilt padded cup, which gives a sensuous and appealing bust shape, especially for the not so well endowed women. The padded cups eliminate any bra lines. On the contrary, for large busted women, there are underwire camisole styled with thicker shoulder straps and more fabric coverage for the extra support and lift required. Both the options come with back straps and fasteners, which are adjustable as per the individuals requirement. Construction of underwire camisole can be done for giving seamless look, flattened abdomen and a smooth waistline to get a sleek and sexy look.

Tips for supplementing your sexual vibes

An underwire camisole worn under a shirt or jacket along with a more erotic closefitting evening wear and skirts or under low cut tops & dresses can supplement sexual vibes to your appearance. When styled in satin or silk, they become a part of lingerie or sleepwear. At the same time, if made in regular cotton blends, they can be worn casually as day wear or work wear. It’s a great piece of clothing for summer season when you want to beat the heat and an added layer for colder months. Underwire camisoles can be made more feminine and sensational with use of laces, embroideries and sheer fabrics with trimming of ribbons and bows.

To sum it up, underwire camisole is one of the most diversely used outfits, which have the power to spice up your attire, from your bedroom to work for your special evenings. | Newsphere by AF themes.