May 28, 2024


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The Perfect Attire for Tantric Ritual

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Tantric ritual allows us to drop into our soul and body, become present to ourselves and each other, and open up to deeper connection. Attire is a key element to setting the mood and create sacred space for this ritual! And we prefer to wear sarongs for these Tantric occasions.

Sarongs are the perfect attire for the Tantric ritual – they are beautiful, adorning, help set the tone for the ceremony and after all they are practical. Let’s look more closely as to why sarongs are worn and how to wear them for maximum comfort and versatility.

Adorning ourselves helps put us into a different state of mood. Just as a bride wears a wedding dress or a tap dancer a tuxedo with wings, wearing a sarong is indicative of a special type of ceremony. Sarongs are made from a variety of inspiring colors and pleasing patterns. They help create a lively and beautiful experience for both the giver and the receiver. The softness and spaciousness of the fabric puts us at ease and allows us to be comfortable in our body.

In a Tantric ritual, the ability to put the sarong on and take it off easily is important since we go through various states of undress. Sarongs allow for an effortlessly shifting from being clothed to unclothed. Each of us may have a different comfort level as to how we’d like to be covered or not… and the sarong allows us to adjust for that.

While the sarong may stay on during the initial bodywork to allow for relaxation, connecting and letting go from daily stress, it could be fully removed later on in the ritual if desired. This can be easily done by simply untying the knot. No additional movement or awkward tugging of the clothing is required! Once the healing ritual is completed, the sarong is easily retied with minimal effort.

Here are a few tips to make it easy for you on how to wear the sarong for the woman and the man.

For the woman

1. Hold the sarong wide-ways behind you at your rib cage, grabbing each corner.

2. Bring the corners together in front of you, approximately at your heart, and cross them so that you now have opposite corners in each hand.

3. Bring the corners behind your neck and tie a knot.

4. The fabric will be draped around you like a dress for easy on and off action!

For the man

1. Hold the sarong wide-ways behind you at your waist, grabbing each corner.

2. Bring the corners together at the side of your left hip.

3. Tie a knot securely and enjoy!

Wearing your sarong is fun, enjoyable and brings presence and inspiration to ritualizing your love connection! | Newsphere by AF themes.