May 29, 2024


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Walking On the Room Does Not Prevent Aging

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Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, is 88 years old and has met his fourth wife. The bad news, the kids don’t like her.

Here’s what we know from media reports; Dr. Aldrin has sued two of his (3) children and his former manager. The two younger children, Andy (62) and Jan, 59) asked a court to name them as guardians citing Buzz Aldrin’s loss of cognitive function and dementia. Warrior that he is, Colonel Aldrin (ret) came out fighting! He sued the kids, claimed they had transferred monies from his foundation for their personal use and used his credit cards without his permission and sabotaged his love life. He made an appearance on Good Morning America excoriating his children and accused them of exploiting the elderly.

The ousted manager, Christina Korp, states that “almost a year ago, some people began to exert undue influence on Buzz. These individuals began to actively try to drive a wedge between Buzz, his children and me for what I fear is their own benefit.” She implies that he is demented and therefore he is vulnerable to manipulation. Well, you don’t need dementia to be vulnerable to manipulation! Further, what have she and the kids been doing all these years?

This ‘fight’ is about who gets to manipulate Colonel Aldrin. His estate is valued at approximately $12 million. The two children are paid by the Aldrin foundation, as was the former manager.

Lisa LaBonte met Buzz Aldrin because of their shared interest in STEM education (Science, Technology, Electronics, Mathematics). Apparently, the relationship has blossomed into something more. One can speculate as to her motive but the same can be said for the kids and former manager. Further, Ms. LaBonte works for a living and is not paid by the foundation.

All of this will be solved fairly soon as the “mental health’ tests have been administered and the Courts will review the three different opinions. I’m only sad that a man who gave his life to service for our country (his children did not) has to defend his honor. The children did nothing for the $12 million but now feel as though its theirs to protect. Get over it kids – quit expecting your Dad to support your lifestyle! I say, Buzz Aldrin’s life speaks for itself. Good for him making a last stand – no matter what the outcome! | Newsphere by AF themes.