July 15, 2024


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What Is The Best Ratio For An Emerald Cut Diamond?

A Must Read Emerald Cut Diamond Buying Guide with Ideal Ratios

Each diamond has standard cuts that make them ideal and of good quality. Diamond comes in many shapes and each shape has significant characteristics that make them standout. One of the unique shapes of diamond is the emerald cut diamond. This cut has been popular long ago and is still being loved up to this modern time. purchase a wholesale emerald diamonds at Shira Diamonds to guarantee the quality of the ring you’re buying. To guide you more, answer  on What Is The Best Ratio For An Emerald Cut Diamond? And other questions are provided below:

What Is An Emerald Cut Diamond?

Emerald cuts are elongated with beveled corners , two to four rows of facets with a larger surface. 

An Ideal Proportion For An Emerald Cut Diamond

Specifications to Look for in an Emerald Cut Diamond

  • Color 

The color of diamonds is best when it is colorless, since the body of the emerald cut diamond is larger. G-I is a good alternative for D-F color grades ,if your budget is not enough for colorless diamonds since they are pricey picking color grade G-I will be a great choice. 

  • Clarity

Emerald cuts have open facets which means inclusions are easily seen, therefore higher clarity grades will be ideal. SI1 will be ideal since it is less expensive but has slight inclusions but if you can go for VS2 then that would be a better choice. 

  • Cut

Emerald cut diamonds should be cut properly to reveal its beauty. The classic ratio cut for emerald cut diamond is 1.50. Consulting with your jeweler will be the best way to get a good emerald cut diamond. 

Common Types Of Emerald Cuts for Diamond

Knowing what’s excellent vs good will look like can help you look for an ideal emerald cut diamond. Choosing an excellent dimension of emerald cut diamond would be perfect but expect it to be pricey. Good can be ideal if you are on a budget but still want an emerald cut diamond as the center stone of your ring. 


  • Depth:61.3 – 67
  • Culet:None
  • Table : 62-70
  • Girdle:Very thin – slightly thick
  • Length to Width Ratio for Square Shape:1.00-1.041.00-1.04
  • Length to Width Ratio for Rectangular  Shape:1.39-1.50

Very Good


Culet:Medium/Very Small

Table :58-61/71

Girdle:Very thin – slightly thick

Length to Width Ratio for Square Shape:1.00-1.04

Length to Width Ratio for Rectangular  Shape: 1.30-1.38/1.51-1.70


Depth: 57 – 59 / 71- 74.5

Culet: Slightly large

Table : 53-57/74

Girdle:Very thin – thick

Length to Width Ratio for Square Shape:1.05-1.06

Length to Width Ratio for Rectangular  Shape:1.20-1.29/1.63-1.80

How Much Does An Emerald Cut Diamond Cost?

Price would depend on the quality of the emerald cut diamond you will pick. An average 1 carat emerald cut diamond costs around $4,000, it is less pricey compared with other shapes but  would be worth it since it is unique and the creation is indeed full of effort. Cutting an emerald cut diamond is not easy. 

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds Less Expensive?

Emerald cut diamonds are actually on the list of less expensive shapes. The demand and availability of emerald cut can also be a big factor in its pricing. If emerald cut diamonds are in demand then prices can go up. 

Does Emerald Cut Sparkle?

Emerald cut diamonds are not sparkly like the other shapes but because of its step cuts it produces hall of mirrors effects. There are people who want a diamond due to its brilliance but emerald cut can also be placed on the right setting to make it more brilliant. Solitaire or Halo setting can be perfect to make an emerald cut diamond sparkle. 

Now that you have an idea on What is the best ratio for an emerald cut diamond? You can now decide on how much budget you have to set aside to be able to buy that emerald cut diamond for your ring. Remember to deal with a certified jewelry store to get a good and high quality emerald cut diamond. Start shopping for that emerald cut diamond  now!