June 17, 2024


Business Woman

Zyra – Providing Perfect-Fitting Bras Through a Perfect Party-Plan Business

Are you one of the millions of women in the world who has never been able to find a bra that fits properly? A Zyra Fit Specialist can help you with your dilemma. Most women have been wearing a bra since their early teens and have never possessed one that fits perfectly. That’s because no two women are alike, yet their only choice up until now has been a one-size-fits-all industry.

Zyra is a direct marketing company using the home party business model to educate women about proper fitting bras and then providing expert fitting and the chance to order their own customized bras. This is a brand new market in direct selling, so you’ll be on the ground floor of this remarkable opportunity. You’ll be totally awed by how many women want and need better fitting bras and are willing to pay a little extra for them.

The party plan model of distribution is ideal for three reasons:

-First, the guests at the party are educated about a proper fitting bra and why it’s important to their overall health and appearance.

-Second, women are measured accurately for their correct bra size at the event. They’ll be confident in the fact that they are being fitted for a bra that provides comfort and uplift no matter how small or large they are.

-Third, each woman is encouraged by the others present that they’ve made the right decision. The party atmosphere will eliminate any embarrassment. Besides, the measuring is done privately between the Zyra Fit Specialist and each guest.

Each woman’s measurements are sent to be custom made by Zyra and their new bras will be delivered in four weeks. These measurements are retained by Zyra so that future orders can be placed directly without being fitted again unless a significant amount of weight has be added or lost since the last fitting.

Prices for custom bras start at $85. Zyra also sells several other accessories such as panties, gel inserts and lingerie soap. The hostess earns merchandise credit towards her own purchases.

You as a Zyra Fit Specialist can get started by purchasing a kit for $349 that has everything you need to conduct proper fitting sessions with clients, forms, marketing materials and product samples. You earn 20% of your personal sales volume and qualify for cash and merchandise bonuses.

After you’ve determined that the company is a solid, legitimate business to work for, your next concern is the level and quality of training the company provides so that you are as successful as possible in your new venture. Most direct marketing companies realize this and Zyra is probably no exception. We saw no mention of training on the website.

It’s your responsibility to see to it that you find the best marketing tactics available so that you always have people to talk to about your business. Many women will have a party to get discounts on her own purchase, but not be willing to join you in the business. Your search for women wanting to start her Zyra home based business begins with using internet marketing techniques to generate targeted leads.