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10 Outfit Inspos For Your Upcoming Road Trip

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If your summer travels are taking you on a road trip, your packing list will include different essentials than a European holiday. You will be spending a lot of time in the car, which means athleisure is your friend and you need versatile essentials that can easily go from hiking in the mountains to walking around a new city.

Lean into your summer capsule closet for the perfect pieces that make you feel comfortable, and confident and are made for living in. You can bring a few cute fashion pieces for getting those pictures, but your priority should definitely be comfort.

Check out these 10 outfits for your road trip outfit inspo, and get the look.


10 Your Favorite Shorts & Tee

Nothing says road trip like a go-to band or college T-shirt, matched with your favorite worn-in shorts. Road trips are for being comfortable, and these days it is easy to be stylish and comfy, but so much so that Tees and shorts are their own fashionable look.

Make sure to pack a few oversized Tees that you can throw on without having to think about your outfit.

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9 Athleisure Dress Is A Must

For a cute and comfy item to get you through the trip, do back an athleisure dress. This is the dress of the summer because it is stylish, and leans into the mini-dress trend yet is super comfy.

From sitting in the car to arriving to the national park you are ready to hit the hike in your dress. Or if your road trip takes a detour through a big city, this dress is still city-approved.

8 Your Favorite Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans are the reigning jean cut at the moment, and for good reason – they are comfortable and flattering. When sitting in the car for hours, you want some comfortable jeans that are meant for living in.

Bring the jeans along to pair with any top, living in your car for a trip means you need to be able to reach for anything and wear it together as an outfit.

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7 A Comfy Two-Piece

Two-piece outfits are essential year-round, but a stand-out this summer is a pair of flowy shorts and a button-down top made from the same material. It almost looks like summer pajamas to wear on the street, but is that not incentive enough to bring them along on your road trip?

Be comfy, and stylish. From a long day of driving to stopping in a city for dinner, this two-piece is an essential outfit. Dress it up with some cute platform sandals, and dress it down with your go-to sneakers.

6 Biker Shorts & A White Button-Down

Biker shorts are a summer essential, and super comfy for a road trip. Pair it with a sporty crop tank or sports bra, and throw a button-down shirt over it to stay cool. This look is complete with a baseball cap and your favorite summer white sneakers. 

This is an outfit you will want to wear over and over again, consider bringing double of everything.

5 Bermuda’s & A White Tank

Bermuda shorts are the official shorts of the summer, goodbye booty shorts. And nothing looks better with jean Bermudas than a high-neck white tanktop. This outfit is classic, iconic and perfect for anything.

You can wear it as you explore a canyon, or stop for lunch in a diner. Kendall Jenner really started this trend and has been spotted all over LA in these summer essentials.

4 A Flowy Dress For Pictures

To be honest, just because you are living in a car for a week, doesn’t mean your photos will reflect that. Do bring a cute flowy dress to take for your ultimate photo moments. That might mean bringing the dress in your backpack on the hike and putting it over your sporty two-piece for the picture.

That is the real trick to how girls get these cool travel photos, they bring the dress with them. Go for a flowy dress with a pop of color to stand out in the photos – midi or ankle length is recommended but take that creative freedom.

3 Versatile Crop & Skort

For any trip, but especially a trip in the car, you want your clothes to be versatile. Consider bringing an athleisure skort with a matching crop top. These items should look stylish, but be sneakily comfy. that way you look great, but you are ready for anything from stopping in a bar to hiking in the mountains.

2 Linen Pants & A Bodysuit

Comfort and style? That would be defined by flowy linen pants and a bodysuit that hugs your curves. This outfit is the anthem of a capsule closet wardrobe for comfort, style and versatility – not just for making outfits but you can wear it to any event, activity or occasion. And you will still look cute in photos despite being comfy!

1 From Cities To Hiking

Your general aesthetic for this trip should be pieces that can easily be worn while hiking or styled a bit differently to walk around a city. You don’t need elegant clothes, but clothes that are stylish and meant for walking around in.

Bring clothes that you aren’t afraid to get dirty, but still make you feel confident and cute.

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