June 1, 2023


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5 Grocery Items You Must Add in List

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Grocery shopping is an enjoyable process if you get creative and add items you don’t usually do. You can walk through an avenue of what seems like an infinite amount of things and ingredients displayed on both of your sides. Sure a magical experience if you ask us. This process is made even beautiful through online shopping advantage. Now you can cut down your fuel expenses, save time and get your grocery items right on your doorstep all while resting on your favorite armchair.

Online grocery shopping makes it easier to browse and select items and payments without fretting about the people next in line. It is more beneficial in the pandemic, minimizing your chances of interacting with other people or contaminated objects. Noon Online Store is one of a kind in grocery shopping. Its website is user-friendly and products are of premium quality. In this article, we present to you five must-have grocery items you should buy from the Noon store if you haven’t already.

1- Pasta & Noodles

Having pasta or noodles in your kitchen has turned into an essential. Unexpected guests or Midnight cravings, ready-to-cook pasta or instant noodles keep you covered. At Noon webstore you can find different pasta from spaghetti to macaroni shells and ramen noodles by brands like Italiano, Al-Doha, Samyang, Maggi, and several others. These items are available at competitive prices which can be turned even lower by using Noon Discount Code on checkout.

2- Sauces, Gravies & Marinades

Whether it is your attempt at pizza, BBQ, or mere salads, your dishes are incomplete without Noon’s sauce, gravies, and marinade range. Dressings like dark and light soya sauce, Tabasco sauce, buffalo sauce, Humus, salsa dip, and many others like this are present on the website. Furthermore, pizza sauces, BBQ marinades, and ready to cook gravies are also sold here.

3- Canned Food & Soups

Noon online supermarket is stocked with various types of canned and jarred food items. Its menu contains Kuhne Pickled Gherkins, Canned Whole Mushrooms, SUNSHINE Smoked Tuna, Karim Red Kidney Beans, Daria Sweet Kernel Corn plus hundreds of other canned products and instant soups.

4- Herbs & Spices

If you’re trying a new Chinese or Italian dish and want to add that exotic flavor like restaurants, then Noon’s herb and spices category should be your go-to spot. At this store, not only recipe mixes of oriental dishes like Biryani and Sambhar are available but also seasoning spices and herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano, and similar others are present to make your next cooking experiment a success.

5- Snack Food

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are not enough; there should be a little something for snacking as well. Untimely hunger pangs or munching while binge-watching Netflix, your snack cupboard should always remain stocked. To help you out, Noon contains a separate category for snack foods. Here you can find Pringles, Pretzels, Popcorn, Wafers, candies, chocolate, and a whole lot of other snacks to keep your growling stomach in check.


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