July 14, 2024


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A Guide to Nylon Headbands For Babies

A Guide to Nylon Headbands For Babies

Have you been wondering what the name of those super soft and stretchy headbands are called that you see many babies sporting around these days? They look like pantyhose. They are called nylon headbands. Nylon headbands are really making their way in the baby fashion industry. They can come in literally hundreds of colors and shades. This is a really trendy item that is really pretty new (within the last couple of years).

The headbands really are made out of women’s pantyhose or tights. They can be dyed to match just about any little outfit you want to. Most of these headbands come with a little loop around the middle of them. That little loop is called an interchangeable loop. This allows the mom to simply slip a bow or flower clip right through that loop. So, for instance mom buys a white nylon headband and 5 different flower clips, she can easily change the entire look of the baby and her outfit by using the same headband and changing the flower to match the outfit.

One combination that is very cute and trendy is an organza bow with these trendy headbands. The nylon headband is so soft and looks so dainty. When you add an organza bow to the headband, you get the feeling of a delicate little angel. Organza is also made in just about any color you can imagine. So, getting an organza bow that looks great with this headband is quite simple and easy to do.

For a baby blessing or christening, choose a white nylon headband with a white organza bow. She is sure to be the center of attention anyway, but this will make her even more adorable!

Most headbands these days that babies wear are a one size fits most. Meaning even a mom could wear it. That is generally not the case with a nylon headband. While, they are stretchy, they are generally meant for a baby to wear. It may be a little too snug on a toddler, so keep that in mind when purchasing them. But, you can save them for your next child, or wash them and give them to someone else if they are still in good condition.

Speaking of washing, you can generally wash a nylon headband, much the same way you would your pantyhose. If you prefer, you could rinse the nylon headband out over the sink and then spread it out to let it air dry.

Purchasing hair accessories for your little girl should be fun, but should not break the bank!