June 17, 2024


Business Woman

Are You Using Your Creative Expression In Your Business? (Make A Date With Your Creative Expression)

There are a lot of women owned businesses and they seem to be sprouting up more and more every day. I think that is really awesome. It shows that there are more and more women who dare to do their own thing. The kinds of businesses that I’m most attracted to are ones that express their originality through the creative medium.

I have always been a creative person. As a child I was painting, creating collages all over my bedroom walls, playing guitar, singing, designing rooms and making clothes. Pretty big palette of creative expression wouldn’t you say? It wasn’t until recently I really found myself being called to explore my unique creative expression and how I apply it in my business. It became very clear to me that I have no problem expressing my creativity in other areas of my life, but when it comes to my business I have been really holding myself back.

The reason for that was my thinking that if I allow myself to fully express my creative ideas and who I’m in this way, I’ll be rejected, no one will be interested and because that is not the norm when it comes to running a business. So I would create ways to stop myself from fully expressing them into being. I have seen way too many women creating their business that is based on rigid structure, seriousness and is male energy driven. What I mean by male energy driven? Business that is driven by force, intellect and action. Business that doesn’t really honor emotions, intuition, receptivity, playfulness and creative power.

It takes all the fun and aliveness from it. The reason I know this is because I have been there and I was miserable. I love flow, I love fun, I love expression and flexibility. I love uniqueness and being bold. I love the unconventional and colorful. I love incorporating the childlike playfulness into
every aspect of my life because that is who I am.
And I really cherish when I see a woman who dares to be herself and create new and creative ways to engage in the world and make money through that expression.

It takes balls to be different, colorful and alive. It takes guts to be yourself and not let anything outside of you to compromise that. It isn’t always easy either. I have found myself way to many times trying to conform to the ways of business that I thought were going to get me to a certain place, just to see the opposite. Why? Because I was trying too hard to be something I’m not and conforming to ways that weren’t me. And so, ultimately going through those experiences have taught me to trust who I am, trust my creativity, to trust my gut and follow it.

I realized that my creativity allows me to find new ways of functioning and looking at things that are more engaging and more fun, that really allow full expression of being. I believe that we all have those abilities but many of us have put them aside and let them lie dormant for too long. So today I want to challenge you to really explore the ways you bring creative expression into being through your business. To really make a date with your creative expression and let it speak to you, dare to listen and act on what it has to say.

Here is how you can start:

  1. Give yourself permission to creatively express yourself in your business.
  2. Many women don’t give themselves permission to express their creative energy, so I have created a statement for myself that I would like to share with you. You can alter it the way you see fit. I just want to give you a reference point. This is my version. Feel free to create your own.

    “I Erika Gombosova give myself permission to creatively express myself in my business and in all my endeavors, touch other women by them and to profit from those expressions.”

  3. Create space to listen to your creative expression.
  4. Put aside 10-15 minutes a day to listen to your creative voice without judgement. Here are some questions that you can start working with:

  • What kind of activities stimulate your creative expression?
  • (For me creative ideas come to me while I’m searching the net, taking a shower or just sitting on my deck and watching the birds and nature. Other times it’s while I’m looking at pictures or different art and design work. Sometimes it happens while I’m listening to a piece of my favorite music.)

  • Do you allow yourself to express your creative voice in your business? In what ways? List them.
  • Are there any thoughts that hold you back from fully expressing your creative voice in your business? List them.

  • Take action to bring your creative expression into being.
  • You might be called to create specific product that nobody else thought off, or to create a special teleclass around a topic that you feel really excited about. Or maybe you are called to creatively inject your schedule and your business structure in the way that is more fun and exciting to you.

    Dare to listen, express and act upon your creative expressions and watch your business and your life blossom. Here is to your creative success!

    Let me know how it goes, I would love to hear your success stories.