June 17, 2024


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Barbados Weather

Barbados is said to be the best tourist spot in the whole world. Being the Caribbean’s most populace and bustling island Barbados is always flocked with the tourists round the year. It is said that Barbados’s charming beauty and superb weather sets the tone of your mood. For years Barbados’s soothing weather has been attracting tourists round the globe irrespective of the season whether it is summers or winters. Herein you will find sun-bathed seas round the calendar, which sets the tropical climate. Barbados weather is almost hot round the year where you find high 20 degree Celsius in February whereas low 30’s in June.

June to November is the months where you will find the wet Barbados, as these are the possible rainy seasons. But rain rarely lasts for long here and Barbadians will let you know the exact days of overcast here. Usually Barbados weather is mild and pleasant but north of the island generally escapes from the tropical heat due to mild altitude changes. Barbados has got high percentage of humidity but it withered away from the cool Caribbean Sea breeze, which is omnipresent to provide much required respite from the scorching heat.

Despite being hovered by seas all around hurricanes still misses this island, which provide you with placid seas to linger around. Hurricanes usually rise in the African coast and head towards the Caribbean before wavering to the north almost 100 miles from Barbados. Daytime in Barbados is quite hot whereas night is slightly cooler which sets the ideal tone for the sensuous and perfect night. Rainfalls here are very refreshing and are quickly followed with sunny skies, which makes frequent occurrence of rainbow. Tropical rains are marvelous here but they are quickly drained off in to the underground lakes due to the porous island.

In short we can say that if Barbados’s charming beauty fails to attract you then its soothing weather makes you fall in love with this beautiful island. So just pick your towel, pack your picnic lunch and head straight towards this beautiful island for a perfect vacation.