September 29, 2023


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Besides Beauty, There Are More An Interview Of CEO Of Shecy Pearls

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Shecy Pearls, having been successful in the Chinese jewelry industry for over thirteen years, just opened an online store in 2006, which is growing at a fast pace. Now it already catches up with lots of its competitors and becomes a leading online pearl jewelry supplier in China. “We have a positive company culture,” says Paul Yin, the CEO of Shecy Pearls.

25 is the average age of Shecy Pearl staff, each of which with at least a Bachelor’s Degree. They are full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm. “Everyone in our company can openly suggest their own ideas. They are hard workers. I always see them working late.” says Paul. “Well, they are hard players too! We have a monthly paid outing day on our company schedule. On this day we play sports, go for a hiking trip or American movies, etc.” He showed some of their photos, which exude youthful spirit, fun and unity. This is Shecy Pearls culture — being a hard worker and a hard player. A company’s culture is so important to its development. Intelligence and capability are not the only essential. When they are provided a chance to release work stress and improve communication with colleagues, they will achieve high performance during their work. “To manage your staff is prior to manage your company,” says Paul.

“Well, we also encountered lots of difficulties at very beginning, but we understand very well that it is normal for an online jewelry store. People hesitate when they are deciding to pay a big amount of money to a new online store. Also, Chinese jewelry is always not the first choice for jewelry lovers, especially westerners, due to people’s traditional suspicion on its design and quality. To remove customers’ suspicion, ensured quality of our products is most important. And we also provide 90-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee.” Shecy Pearls has a big collection of all types of pearl jewelry in a variety of color, size and shape. “Our south sea pearls are mainly imported from Australia; Tahitian pearls are mainly from France. We also import Akoya pearls of 9mm or bigger from Japan. Our freshwater pearls and small Akoya pearls are from China.” says Paul. “We spent a long time on traveling around to select pearl suppliers at very first. That was really a hard time for us. Now we already have our stable and reliable pearl source suppliers. We are very happy with the quality pearls we get.”

“Another factor to attract customers is our pricing. For the same quality of jewelry, our pricing is much lower than other stores in this industry. As a major importer for some sea pearls, we have been offered a very cheap price. We design and make our own jewelry too. There is nearly no middleman cost worth concern,” says Paul.

In fact, there were already lots of similar businesses in China when they started. “To compete with them, we had to find out what they miss and what we can do better. We find that their websites are not impressed enough and they do not have an established brand image.” said Paul. Shecy Pearls website is characterized by easy-to-use, knowledgeable and eye catching. It is worthwhile to view for learning pearl knowledge, gift ideas or even just appreciate the beautiful pearl jewelry pictures. Shecy is their brand name, inspired by a Chinese ancient beauty, Shecy. In China, Shecy is the name of one of the most beautiful women in China’s long history. Her name is always associated with pearls. Good quality and a meaningful brand name are meant to build a successful company image.

Though Shecy Pearls is still in a developing stage, its future is bright because it not only has beauty, but so much more. | Newsphere by AF themes.