July 14, 2024


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Estee: A Success Story by Estee Lauder

Estee: A Success Story by Estee Lauder

This article discusses seven reasons to read Estee: A Story of Success by Estee Lauder. You’re guaranteed to walk away refreshed. Take a peek.

7 Benefits

1. You discover what made her tick.

Ms. Lauder followed her dream full steam ahead. She trusted her instincts and they were spot on. The book unearths her thoughts on business and life.

2. You view lots of pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the author spread them throughout the book. In addition to catching glimpses of this dynamic woman at almost every stage of her life, the pages include photos of family members, presidents, fashion designers, royalty, women featured in advertisements, employees, the factory, and her home.

3. You gain valuable business insight.

Additionally, she included a chapter on what she learned without going to business school. You get tips on marketing, advertising, sales, customer service, and public relations. She launched products with splash and panache. Equally important, she recruited top talent and invested in training.

4. You uncover beauty tips.

The author devotes an entire chapter to helping the reader look beautiful. Who doesn’t want to project a positive image? It takes a woman to understand a woman and Lauder gives women a min-workshop on putting your best face forward.

You find out the skin beauty routine (how to cleanse your skin every night, how to apply makeup in the morning, how to apply lipstick, using different makeup for the day and evening, applying hair spray, etc.). She covers all the essentials.

5. You get wisdom for life.

She maintained a spirit of excellence. Lauder remained steadfast in her determination to be a good wife, mother, and business owner. In the end, she achieved it all.

At the same time, she admitted mistakes. Instead of keeping the main thing priority, Mrs. Lauder unintentionally placed the business before her marriage. Nevertheless, on the second time around she got it right. Together, they shot to the top.

6. You get inspiration for your journey.

You’ll be inspired to reach for the moon. A savvy business woman, she understood her product and she understood her market. What’s more, she was persistent. She always found a way to establish a contact or to get the beauty products in the store.

7. You enjoy easy reading.

While the book is a quick read with 223 pages (including an epilogue), it is written in a straightforward manner. Even the pages feel good. The author graces the red and white hard cover wearing an elegant outfit.