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Here’s EXACTLY What to Include on Ceremony Program

If you’re wondering what goes on a wedding ceremony program, you’ve come to the right place. We’re showing you exactly what to include in a wedding program so yours is perfect: not too long, not too short. Be sure to subscribe for the latest to your inbox, k?

If you’re looking to order ceremony invitations, but you’re stuck editing the template and you can’t figure out what to put on it, we’re here to help!

Let’s be honest: most couples wonder what a ceremony program should include BEFORE they get theirs printed, so you’re in good company! No one really knows until it’s time to design a program for his or her wedding. 🙂 You’re not expected to know everything!

Today we’re tackling the answer to what to include in a wedding ceremony program from start to finish. Plus, we’ll show you exactly what other couples decided to include in their wedding programs so you can get an idea of how to edit your own.

Remember, a ceremony program is designed to outline the order of events for your wedding ceremony. It typically outlines the songs, and readings, the exchange of vows, rings, and more. It is essentially an easy way to outline the flow of the ceremony so your guests know what to expect and so they can follow along.

Let’s get started: it’s pretty easy and straightforward, btw, so don’t worry! We’ll tackle it together.

by kelly schmidt

What Should Wedding Program Include?

What info should you include in wedding ceremony programs? A proper ceremony program can be as short and sweet or as comprehensive as you’d like. However, most ceremony programs will and should include the following details.

1. Include Your Names and the Wedding Date

This is pretty obvious, but you’ll definitely want to make sure you include your names and your date in the wedding ceremony program.

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2. Include The Processional Music

Have a portion that mentions The Processional and lists the tune being played and by whom.

what should wedding program include

by susan moyal

3. Welcome

If there’s a short welcome or greeting at your ceremony by the officiant, include it in the ceremony program.

4. Any Readings

If you’ve selected readings, Biblical passages, quotes, favorite poems, etc., include a mention of what it is on your program.


5. Unity Ceremony

If you’re having a unity ceremony at your wedding, be sure to note it on the program. It can be lighting of candles, a unity cross, a sand ceremony, a wine ceremony, anything! (Read: 3 Most Popular Unity Ceremony Ideas for some suggestions.)

6. Exchange of Vows

If you have room, include ‘exchange of vows’ on your wedding program so guests know when the big moment is!

6. Presentation of Newlyweds

This is another big, exciting moment to include in a wedding ceremony program!

what wedding program should include

by kristie kern

7. Recessional

Lastly, include the recessional song being played and the artist or musician who is playing it.

8. Wedding Party*

*optional See more in detail on this below in the frequently asked questions.

What to include in a ceremony program for a traditional Mass or church service?

Great question! You’ll include the order of events as provided by your priest, rabbi, or clergy member.

Wedding Ceremony Programs Examples: Here’s What Couples Included In Their Programs

Here are some examples of what other couples include in a ceremony program so you can get a little inspiration. As you can see, the readings, verbiage, songs, and more will vary and can be edited easily using a ceremony template here. You can also edit colors, add foil, etc. to make it your own!

by rebecca durflinger

I love this one! By Leah Bisch.

what to include on program for wedding ceremony

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Planning a wedding in the forest? Use this template by Elly.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about what goes into a wedding program.

Can you include photos in a ceremony program?

You can! If you choose photos, we recommend putting one on the front (to allow for enough text). As an alternative, you can opt for back printing of your program and use it to feature just a few of your favorites. Photos aren’t a required item inside a wedding program, but a nice touch.

Here’s an example of one photo on the back of a program. As you can see, you can combine it with a thoughtful “Thank You” message for your guests, too!

by kelly schmidt

by kelly schmidt

Should you include your wedding party on your programs?

You don’t have to, but putting your wedding party on ceremony programs is certainly a nice touch if you have the space to do it. If you’re wondering how to fit it onto the template, here’s a brilliant example of how to do it perfectly. The design is by Brianne Larsen.

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For another shining example, check out this one by Olivia Kanaley Inman.

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And finally, this example is a nice and modern style featuring elegant colors and typography. It is designed by Robert and Stella.

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How many ceremony programs do you really need?

Good question! We cover that in full here: How Many Wedding Programs Should You Order? You can also watch a quick video on it here.

Where to Buy Wedding Ceremony Programs Template

If you’re ready to design your own, head to this link at Minted where you can pick a favorite design and then run with it! You can change up the colors or keep them as-is; choose a theme, season, or motif to suit your style. To top it off, you can decide what to include on your wedding programs with a simple click and edit. It’s never been easier!

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Happy Planning!


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