July 14, 2024


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How To Find a Personal Coach To Help With Your Career

How To Find a Personal Coach To Help With Your Career

Seeking a professional coach is a very personal experience. You’ll want to make sure your coach is someone you can respect and communicate effectively with, however you also want someone who can push your buttons, challenge you to grow, and help you move beyond your comfort level. You definitely don’t want to employ a “yes man” (woman).

Real quick, let’s just define the difference between personal and professional coaches. A personal coach is a person that helps you see where you may be missing the boat in your personal life. Perhaps they can help you find the inspiration you’re seeking, they can help you uncover the meaning behind a lack of courage, love, spirituality or any other type of issue you may have. They are there to help you grow personally.

A professional coach, on the other hand, helps you grow your business and improve your professional life. They may be able to help you focus on business strengths you’ve been neglecting or haven’t recognized. They may help direct you in a new venture. They may also help you find ways to improve some of your personal skills like courage, compassion and communication as they relate to your business.

What type of coach you hire is up to you and your priorities. You will likely find that regardless of whether you hire a personal or a professional coach, the benefits will float over into all areas of your life. For example, if you’re seeking a personal coach to help you find your spiritual beliefs you’ll likely find tremendous benefits in your business life too as businesses are conducted by real people, with real spirits and aspirations.

Finding the Right Coach For Your Needs

Once you decide where to focus your attention, it’s time to find a coach. The right professional coach will provide you with a customized plan of action based on where you are and where you want to go. Remember, you’re hiring someone specifically motivated to help you. And they have the experience and knowledge to help you take your life to the next level.

Finding the right coach for you can be overwhelming if you’ve never done this before or you have no clue where to begin in the first place. But don’t worry!

Below are 5 great tips to help you get headed in the right direction. Here are they:

1. Ask around

Ask friends, family, and associates in your field if they know any professional coaches that they can recommend. This is a good way to find a coach but you already have a built-in referral, which is really important when hiring a coach.

2. Go online

You can usually find several professional coaching associations and organizations on the internet that provide geographic listings, or you can visit your favorite search engine and conduct a simple local search by including your city in the search phrase, like this: “Professional coach” “Denver”. Such phrases are usually enough to locate a professional coach in your local area, so do make use of this tip!

3. Determine their polices and procedures

In order to find the right coach (someone who actually cares about you and your needs) you need to do a bit of research. Look at their rates, and general policies and procedures including meeting frequency. It is important to get a general feel for each coach’s policies and procedures to determine if they meet your budget and time constraints.

4. Ask for, and contact references

You want to speak to real people and get a real life sense of how the coach has been able to help them reach their goals and improve their lives.

5. Schedule a time to meet

Ask potential coaches a few questions and determine if your personalities match. You can (and should) ask each coach about their backgrounds, both as a coach and prior to becoming one. You will also want to make sure that you understand their coaching approach and make sure that it works for you. Lastly, make sure that your coach is someone you respect and trust, otherwise your relationship will be more stressful than without a coach in the first place.

When weighing the decision to hire a coach consider what educational opportunities are available. For example, many coaches also offer seminars and workshops or online classes to go along with their coaching programs. This may be extremely beneficial, particularly if you’re working on a very specific issue that you’re having in your career.

Two major factors that contribute to your personal and professional success are your motivation and your commitment to personal development, or your continued investment in developing your skills and education. By hiring a coach that can provide both, you’re getting the best of both worlds and you’re getting a specialized plan for success.

In a world where knowledge is power and the ability to succeed depends largely on your investment in your personal development, a personal coach that offers educational opportunities is a smart way to go. You’re not just investing in a motivator and a guide; you’re also investing in someone who can offer a specialized education designed to fit your educational needs, goals, time limitations, and so much more. Your coach has your best interests at heart and the focus is entirely on you and achieving your goals.