July 14, 2024


Business Woman

How to get marketing automation right

The Truffle Guys. A Lesson in how to get marketing automation right.

I’m a fan of decadence. I’m not afraid to admit it! But actually for those that know me, you won’t be surprised.

Over the last couple of years, as a result of many lockdowns, we have seen a growth in food related direct to consumer businesses. This has meant that we’re now able to have this decadence delivered straight to our homes. From restaurant boxes, to restaurant quality produce delivered direct to the end user, we are now able to treat ourselves from the comfort of our own sofas! 

These are new habits that have been formed and will now remain for life.

Let’s talk about Truffles. Truffled dishes pre-pandemic were really saved for devouring at gastropubs or fine dining restaurants. But thanks to DTC brands such as The Truffle Guys we can add an element of luxury to our everyday meals.

Exciting right?! Imagine my greater excitement, after purchasing from this brilliant business, to receive their delightful email marketing programme. One that many brands can learn from. 

This is a lesson from a small DTC business that drives much of its new business from social media but then continues to build its relationship with the consumer through well-crafted one to one personalised emails. 

The marketing automation example

We will now take you through the various stages of the Stuffle Guys’ effective marketing automation funnel.

The welcome

The welcome email is the single most engaged with email, out of all your emails. It’s crucial to get it right with tone and brand message. Not only does this email introduce product lines with an offer, it also immerses you into their brand story of who is behind the business and their passion for fine produce that is easily accessible. I’m hooked already!


It might sound simple and a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many ecommerce brands fail to do this. Once you have an order and have send an order confirmation. Sending an email to let the customer know their product is on its way not only excites the customer but also sets expectations for when they will receive the delivery.


One of the best ways to get new customers is to ask happy customers to refer-a-friend. Setting up a refer-a-friend automation post purchase is an easy way to do this. Also asking for referrals can help you build a rapport with your existing customers. The art of reciprocation can help make that brand to customer relationship stronger. It’s even stronger when both customer and new customer win!

Informational & Engaging Content

Because of their ability to drive high revenue numbers, email campaigns are often sales driven. But consumers are also craving experiences, connections and meaningful relationships with the brands they buy from. Successful brands understand that email marketing has an ability to build real connections with its customers through useful and entertaining content. 

What I love from the Truffle Guys is the targeted content that helps inspire the customer to use its products in many different ways. It’s useful and it is engaging!


Once a customer has made their purchase, the hard work isn’t done. Did you know it costs 5 times more to bring on a new customer than to sell to an existing one? (Of course you did). By sending out a personalised email before it’s time to purchase again, brands can be sure to be at the front of a customer’s mind. 

But also these emails are incredibly useful to the customer. No one wants a cupboard without truffles right?!

To conclude – marketing automation that works

I imagine that the Truffle Guys do not have a multimillion pound marketing budget. But yet they manage to go to the places that many large organisations don’t. And in my opinion (if that matters!) the differentiator is the passion and belief in an awesome product, together with a true understanding of the customer. This isn’t just textbook marketing automation. It’s marketing with a passion and the customer at its heart.