June 17, 2024


Business Woman

Invisible Threads by Priscilla Sacramento

Invisible Threads is a progressive and adventurous romantic fiction written by Gibraltar’s business woman, Priscilla Sacramento. It’s a love story that begins a generation before that of Maria Jesus and the love of her life, Pepe. Their forbidden love is so very strong and will not be denied. It sets in motion a secret that will be carried to future generations before it can be solved. The tale spans the entire twentieth century and is centered in the regions of Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco where the Roman Catholic, Christian and Islamic religions are as strong as they are different.

Within this third person narrative much is revealed about the religion and culture of the Spanish, the Muslims and the English people alike. In particular, the hardships of women are emphasized as Roman Catholic girls often marry Muslim men and give birth to their children. The author navigates her story well as she describes how these families survive war-troubled times as well as the inevitable belief changes that occur from one generation to the next. For instance, women become more independent, they don’t want to just be the property of men and have babies as their main purpose in life. Some will wait until they are much older to marry and plan on contributing to the family income by starting small businesses of their own. It’s not always easy, but change does occur. The book is timely and offers gentle encouragement for our troubled times.

The evening of December 31, 1999 is most exciting and proves to be auspicious in several ways. Families have come together from all the surrounding regions. Pat and Tito Garcia have invited all their immediate family, their distant relatives and many friends to Gibraltar for this special gathering. The children are dressed in their finest attire as well as the grown-ups. The Garcia party has unknowingly brought together a lost family and they celebrate with zeal and enthusiasm to bring in the twenty first century with the best of everything. They want to enter the new millennium celebrating family, peace, harmony, and prosperity for all.

At the deepest level, Invisible Threads is a story about women’s issues, the diversity of people, changing times and as Priscilla Sacramento beautifully describes, “the collective striving of the human species.” While seemingly invisible, the day to day lives of everyday people reveals how small the world is and how connected we all really are. An invisible link becomes visible to us as we see human beings strive for love and happiness in an unpredictable world. This is a delightful, yet serious, romantic fiction that will speak to the heart of women and romantic fiction lovers everywhere. Also, it will speak to anyone who likes an insight into the history and culture of the regions of Spain, South Africa and British ruled Gibraltar – all different in beliefs and customs, yet similar in the desire for love, happiness and meaning in their world.