July 13, 2024


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Jewellery for an Indian Wedding

Jewellery for an Indian Wedding

All around the world the ceremony of marriage is considered holy and pure. A very crucial part of an Indian wedding is the jewellery. It not only makes the bride look even more beautiful but also forms a part of an important ceremony of dressing the bride in auspicious ornaments. Marriage upholds high value in the Indian culture, the jewellery worn by the bride seals the bond between the newly married couple as it is given high regards just as any other important element in the marriage.

The clothing of the bridal couple needs to be unique and stunning as compared to the other attire available in the market, and they certainly need to stand out in the crowd. Wedding designers are often hired to dress up the bridal couple to make them look absolutely stunning, keeping the ethnic look intact. The out fit of the bride as well as the groom are of varied colors that signify the auspicious occasion and entry into a new life together, the colors help bring in even more Indian to the entire ceremony.

Another crucial element that fills in the missing pieces of an extravagant wedding look to the bridal couple is the wedding jewellery. This is something without which the look of marriage would be incomplete. An Indian wedding especially is just not complete without the very heavy jewellery. An Indian bride stands out among the other brides all around the world because of her dress and jewellery worn. The Indian bride is never spotted without long and heavy wedding jewellery on her wedding day. As a matter of fact, the apparel of the Indian bridal couple is even embellished with silver and gold ornaments, making the outfit look very beautiful and heavy.

The South Indian weddings sport a lot of gold jewellery. A bride from the south of India is dressed heavily in gold chains, necklaces, bangles, anklets etc to make her look all the more beautiful. The bride from northern India sport different attire, same with the eastern ad western part of the country, the one thing common in this diversification is the amount of jewellery worn by the bride; the list is topped with gold, being the preferred favorite keeping with tradition. However, nowadays, with changing time, preference and purchasing power many other kinds of jewellery are worn as well, namely: 

White diamond jewellery

Kundan jewellery

Diamond jewellery

Gem stone jewellery

Pearl jewellery

Meenakari Jewellery

The designer jewellery is very much in demand nowadays, made to match the dress of the bride. In India, a bride’s dressing is considered incomplete without her heavy jewellery as compared to the western brides that sport a subtle and plain look. There are innumerable designs of jewellery especially for the occasion of marriage found in almost every jewellery store. No doubt they are very high priced due to the designs and finishing that is exclusive to Bridal jewellery, however for an Indian wedding it’s all worth it.

Bridal set includes – the earrings and necklace

Nath – nose ring

Hathphool – bracelet and rings

Maang tikka

Shringar Patti

Anguthi – finger ring

Choodiyan – bangles

Kamarband – waist band

Bajuband – arm band

Bichua – toe ring

Payal – anklet 

Like this the Indian bride is made to look stunningly beautiful wearing these auspicious ornaments. The Indian groom, in some cultures, is also said to wear a necklace and tiny earrings, however this is adopted in much bounded states of the country and a rare practice. Otherwise the attire of the groom is in itself studded with jewellery, made to make him look like a king awaiting his queen. This way an India wedding is no less than a royal function.