June 17, 2024


Business Woman

Make Him Commit – Show Him You Mean Business!

Do you want to make him commit but you’re afraid of scaring him off? Do you feel as though you are the only one in your relationship that is invested in it? Are you afraid of approaching your guy about a commitment? Wanting a meaningful relationship but not knowing how to reach that level can be extremely frustrating for a woman. In order to try to ease some of that frustration, continue reading to learn some tips on how you can make him commit.

o Don’t be so available!

If you run every time he wants you, then what is he doing when you want him? Will he jump at the drop of a hat? Probably not. Therefore, you shouldn’t either. He will not have any reason to commit to you if you are doing all of the work for him.

o Keep busy!

In order to keep yourself from being so available, keep yourself busy. Hook up with your girlfriends, go out for a “girls night”, or just focus on some of your interests. You had a life before you two got together and you shouldn’t forget about it. If he’s not making any attempts to commit to you, then you shouldn’t make your world revolve around him. Eventually, he will start wondering where you are and that will get his attention.

o Test him!

If he’s out running around and seeing other girls, then you shouldn’t be exclusive to him either. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You must be missing out on someone who is perfect for you and actually wants a committed relationship. Once your guy sees that you are not just going to sit still and let him do whatever he wants, he will have to make the decision as to whether or not he wants to be with you full time.

By following these tips you might be able to make him commit to you and will hopefully get a long-term, meaningful relationship.