September 29, 2023


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Mauritius Tours: Essential Information

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Mauritius recorded about 18,000 tourists way back in 1970. The number went up to a phenomenal 720,000 in 2004 and has continued to multiply since then. Encompassing a coastline that spans over 30 kilometers, Mauritius boasts some of the most mesmerizing beaches on the planet. This piece of paradise is well suited for adventure holidays, honeymoons, golfing tours as well as family vacations. Such diversity in the range of options available makes Mauritius tours extremely popular across the globe.

However, planning a trip to this idyllic island can prove to be an expensive exercise. The economy of Mauritius thrives primarily on the luxury tourism industry. Nothing here is cheap. Therefore, when you plan to shell out a large chunk of your hard earned money on Mauritius tours, it better be a well planned holiday. Familiarizing yourself with the destination is important for a hassle free holiday experience.

  1. Customs: The Mauritian folk are a friendly lot and will do their best to make you feel at home. However, you need to maintain basic decorum when dealing with them. Handshakes are the customary form of greeting people. If you happen to be invited to a local residence, you should carry a gift of appreciation in the form of a small token.
  2. Tipping Etiquettes: Tips are not mandatory but might be expected when you are in Mauritius. A small tip could be paid along with your restaurant bills. In certain cases, a service charge may be asked for. In such cases, you need not pay an additional tip. Paying small tips to porters and drivers can, however, earn popularity.
  3. Attire: When you plan Mauritius tours, the attire has to be conservative to a certain extent. Mostly, smart casuals are accepted everywhere. Swim suits are accepted as beach attire, but conservative designs are preferred. Carry robes and sarongs along with you to cover yourself up when you plan to come back to the hotel in your swimsuit.
  4. Currency: There is no limit to the amount of money you can carry on your Mauritius trip. Most often, all international credit cards and checks are accepted at the hotels, resorts and retail outlets here. Currency exchange facilities are also provided at the various tourist centers, hotels and banks. The arrangements are truly convenient. One can carry a maximum of R250 out of Mauritius. If you are left with excess, you can use the currency exchange service at the airport to get the money converted back into your own currency.

Keeping these things in mind will help you respect the sensibilities of the local residents during your Mauritius tours. | Newsphere by AF themes.