June 17, 2024


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Professional Makeup Brush Sets

Make-up brush sets are every makeup artists or makeup lovers must have. A make-up artist will not be able to apply makeup correctly without a good Professional makeup brush set. Professional Brush Sets are usually made of good quality animal hair such as goat hair and horse hair. Goat hair brush sets are usually expensive as the hair is extremely soft and they look really good. Professional goat hair brushes or horse hair brushes are an investment as they last a really long time.

Makeup Brush Maintenance – You will not see any bacteria on your brush sets, but dead skin, dirt and skin oils will build up on your brushes every time that they get used. It is important for any individual or make-up artist who is using brushes on a regular basis to keep them clean.

Brushes are easily cleaned by using a small amount of shampoo and mixing with some hot warm water in a clean tub. Carefully add the bristles and rub carefully until you see the water running clear. Professional brush sets usually come in leather casing with covers on each make-up brush this will help to keep the bristles from getting damaged.

Makeup Brush Application: Brush sets help achieve beautiful applied makeup they are more accurate in their application. You will not end up looking as if you have applied to much. The results will look professional as the beauty products will be added in the correct way. The correct type of cosmetic brush will create a look that looks professional. Brush Types for the eyes:

• Shadow brush: Adding shadow to the whole of the eyelid.
• Blending Brush: use this to blend your eye shadow to give a softer look.
• Angled Brush: This help to add color to the creases of your eyelids.
• Liner Brush: used to create perfect lines to the inner and outer eyelid.
• Mascara Brush: Used to separate eyelashes after mascara application.
• Eyebrow brush: Helps to add final shape to the eye. Use this to brush the eyebrows to create an arch and open the eye.

Makeup Brushes for the Lips:

• Retractable lipstick brush: Applies all lip products very well, from lip conditioner, to glosses and lipsticks. It defines the contours of the lip.
• Long-Handed brush: This is normally designed with a flat and narrow head with sable bristles which help achieve perfect lip definition. Face Brushes:
• Blusher or Contour Brush: This is smaller than the large powder brush; the contour brush is used for applying blusher to the cheek bones.
• Foundation brush: Used for building up foundation all over the face in the correct areas.
• Concealer Brush: This will help to hide those fine lines or dark circles. Keep applying this until lines and bags are gone
• Large Powder Brush: Used to apply powder over face and set foundation.