June 15, 2024


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The Adventures of Jewel Town – Anice Jewellery

The Adventures of Jewel Town 
– Anice Jewellery

What an incredibly dynamic, wild, and exciting journey this jewel life is. 

For those of you that have been visiting our online store and wondering what the heck is up with the lack of products or update, and for those of you who are arriving for the very first time: welcome to the beginning of the very exciting next phase for Anice Jewellery. We have a full site of new products available and so much to tell you about. 

Since the beginning stages of opening this business, I have always felt it important to be honest and real about the journey and to share the ups and downs. Although things may appear sparkly and dreamy on the outside, there are hurdles and hard days when it comes to running a business, and the people and all of the rest that comes with it. Especially when half the time it feels like you don’t have a clue what you’re doing. Here is a little bit about the last chapter and what has brought us to today.  

It has been a year of learning and with that learning came the realization that there is only so much that I can control. What is most important is what is right in front of us. But how do you find the balance of prioritizing the right in front of you, with all the other very important parts that make up a business? With an amazing team of smart people, that’s how!

Something I have learned about myself is that if it’s something I don’t understand or can’t accomplish with the skills I have already, I tend to avoid it and focus on what I can control. This, as I now understand, is not my best business quality and could actually hinder the growth that I dream of for Anice. Thankfully, the big learning is that if you can get out of your own way, let people in and TRUST, the possibilities are endless. This is my new reality. There is power in letting go and putting people in place that have the skills that I don’t have. Letting the people who are good at specific things do those things and do them the best. Rather than getting down on myself because I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, or worse: avoid the important things completely because I don’t want to be bad at them. Sounds a little cookoo right?! My take away: it’s ok to not be the best at everything. It’s ok to admit that. And it is so inspiring and amazing to watch those who are good at something you are not, do what they do so well, and know they are on your side. 

The last chapter of the Anice story involved running two shops, growing at a pace that caused a burnout, closing a shop, making thousands of pieces of jewellery, working on so many amazing custom projects, making a bazillion mistakes, and lots of tears (both happy and sad). As I sit here today feeling like I’ve come out on the other side, reflecting as most of you know I love to do and share with you about, I am ecstatic to say that the future is looking beyond beautiful. We have never had a team quite like this before. Made up of talented jewel babes creating the magic with you in store, an operations team that is literally the glue keeping the foundation of the business strong, a marketing and web team that are innovative and brilliant, and metal-smiths that totally kick butt – I feel the luckiest to call these incredible and devoted people my squad.

So what’s the plan now? 

We have been working hard the last few months to create and photograph a totally new catalogue of products for you. In these collections you will find #limitededition pieces which mean there are 5 to 10 available and when they are gone they are gone forever. You will also find #oldtreasuresnewlove pieces that are either old pieces revived and reworked with new love, or vintage treasures that are perfect just the way they are and just needed a little clean up. Last but not least you will see #dreamwithus pieces that are customizable and made extra special by YOU. 

This is just phase one. Over the next 2 months we will be loading up the online store with regular product turnover bi-weekly, and introducing a new custom online experience. Our mission is to bring the magical and personable attention you get in store, online. Think last minute custom gifts delivered to your door same day. Think a variety of special stones with meanings available by just a click of your mouse. Think your jewel dreams, made easy, within your budget accessible any time of the day or night. 

Thank you for sticking with us. Thank you for continuing to check back. Thank you for your patience and love. You make this dream possible and it is our commitment to you to work our jewel butts off to keep improving and to deliver you the best product, customer service and unforgettable shopping and creating experience. 

Stay tuned. SO MUCH MORE to announce. SO MUCH MORE magic to make. I better go now before I spill all the beans at once.