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The Anice Holiday 2018 Gift Guide – Anice Jewellery

The Anice Holiday 2018 Gift Guide
– Anice Jewellery

The Anice Gift Guide 2018

Not knowing what to buy someone for Christmas can be daunting and we know it. There is nothing worse than having zero idea what they’ll like!

We have an absolutely hate-proof guide right here. Let us do all the thinking for you or with you. You got this!

The Teacher/The Boss/The Neighbour

Wine Glass Charms

Nothing worse than going to a social gathering and forgetting which wine glass is yours. Introducing the brand new, completely customizeable Anice wine glass charms. Ranging in sets of 2 to 24, we can work with you to pick the chains, charms and stones that will make any wine drinker fall in love with you – and their glass of pinot noir – just a little bit more!

$20 each or $15 each when you buy 3 or more.

The Teen Girl/The Niece/The Girl You’re Sort Of Dating

The Sparkle Choker

These chokers can be dressed-up or down and have adjustable lengths to be worn in a tighter or looser option, depending on their mood of the day. Available in sterling silver and sterling silver with yellow or rose gold-plating. They add just a little more pizzazz to any outfit and will make any girl (or guy!) shine that much more.

$60 each

The Parents/The Students/The Dreamers


A brass ring dripping with completely unique, never-repeated designs that hang, reflect light, and watch over you while you dream – awake or asleep. Custom-design these beautiful pieces for a nursery, an office, a nook or a bedroom with elements of the person you’re buying for: birthstones, crystals with different intentions, stamped charms with names or initials: the possibilities are truly endless. Come in and #dreamwithus.

Beginning at $100+, depending on materials

The Girlfriend

Name Necklace

Which girl doesn’t love a necklace with their own name on it? We can work with you and your budget to choose a chain length, font choice and metal type – sterling silver or gold-filled – that best suits the person you’re buying for.

Beginning at $120 for sterling silver, $150 for gold filled and $350 for 10K yellow or rose gold.

The Boyfriend

Men’s Metal Bracelets

These simple, yet bad-ass bracelets can be tailored to your man’s unique taste: sterling silver or gold plated chains, your choice of charms and stones, or maybe even a tag with his (or your) initial on it. Now he can be just as jeweled-out as you are and look a little cooler while standing beside you, too!

Beginning at $40+, depending on materials