September 29, 2023


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The Orb of the Moon and Two Other, Three Poems

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The Orb of the Moon

From the perennial percussion

Of the gurgling streams

Backing up to the waiting shores

Awakens a transient Oracle

Of a bemused lore.

An Oracle resplendent in attire

As perfect as virtuous jewels sapphire.

The deepest recesses

Of an adoring springtime

Fills up with a brim of gallant hopes,

Dawning in a ceaseless song

Of an unwinding carol

Once lost on a moony day of yore.

Then on a seamless horizon

Rises a burning suspended saffron, the Sun,

To meet its daily humongous thirst

It radiates with its surgical precision

Of humid yet humble blanket of cozy bursts.

But when the daylight lightens

Darkness descends.

And when the darkness lightens

The edges of the clouds are tinged

With a pale pink;

Wearing a saffron attire

The bare colour grows deep

Like an unkempt reddish fire.

Wandering down the streams

Along the shimmering waves,

Over the vast expanse of the silvery white gown,

Clinging onto the soft beacon of light,

Of visibly torrid tides below,

Twirling, gyrating, dancing, mumbling,

Imitating a child-like rumbling,

Wanting to quiver in utter delight.

Of grinding aches of laughter,

Nodding, swinging, falling, tumbling,

Puzzling the speech of the earthly grumbling,

Unmasking the bitter sweet face of the moon;

The orb of the moon

Offers complete resentment and respite

From its limitless blues of tender sighs.

But the dark bland of ground

Beneath the blazing silver

Gathered no immense might.

No visible trace of strength

To rise up to the moonstruck splendour

That is offering all through the night.

Titanic – The Ship of Dreams

Deep down in the torrid Atlantic

In the blue waters bestial and barbaric

Lies the heart-weeping tale of Titanic.

Incredible relics of a long lost glory

On which nature had its diabolical fury!

Lying under wraps in secret eternity…

God never really took pity.

Lavished upon her a prodigal spirit

All that art and comfort could attain.

But who knew

That its life will never retain

Its own romance on board the ship so rare;

Living beyond the hopes of despair…

Lit up with a camaraderie of sterling fare

It conveyed its passengers an unstinting care.

Cruised along the gigantic world of dreams

With all wealth of splendour and profound means.

For its glorious maiden voyage

To jazzy New York in America

Southampton kissed it goodbye

As the greatest ship set-sailed

On a lullaby…

Mellifluous elegance of old English solicitude;

Sophisticated people of stately repute;

Prominent icons of the twentieth century

Belonging to a unique luminary:

All aboard the splendid ship;

In pursuit of an historic trip.

In the corrosive sands of time

Lay buried like a forgotten rhyme;

Like a broken white star

In the howling skies afar.

Even the brightest daylight

Never dared to probe the devilish deeps.

But in the wallow of hopelessness

Titanic gave a valiant fight…

To that demonic night.

Like a lonely guiding white star

It trod on loads of august pride.

Until it sunk deep in the blue

Stamping unstoppably in its stride.

Caught in between the devil

And the deep blue sea.

Vanished from the world above

Into waters mercilessly icy.

Titanic is seen second time again,

After decades of darkness and pain.

Eighty five years of bygone time;

Bridged now to the White Star Line.

The death of a dream called Titanic

Changed many lives through thick and thin…

The unlivable years have gone by

Never singing even one tiny lullaby.

The bereaved hearts full of love though

Somehow kept living, but then gone;

Seldom finding hope to hold on.

Memories of the distant years

Neither leave nor fade away.

But holding on to the memories

Of the ones loved and lost

Never came their way.

Now waiting for an absolution

Is like a promise kept:

A promise to never let go.

And the heart does go on…

Rats and Mice

Day in and day out,

Rats and mice together shout.

You will hop skip and jump in fear;

Catch them if you can dear!

Oh! It’s so hard to shoo them away.

Are they going out anyway?

A fat rat will say ‘No!’

You will kiss its tail and bow.

Do not think twice

To kill rats and mice

Lay them sweet poisoned nuts

And watch them lose their guts.

Not an easy task to kill;

You will be put on a physical drill.

Rats and mice are a menace;

You will find them fighting on a terrace

Peep into its palatial hole,

You will find a big fat mole! | Newsphere by AF themes.