October 3, 2023


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The Power of the SEXY Mind

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Remember the Rod Stewart song, “If you think I’m sexy and you want my body, come on baby let it show”. I know you’re probably singing along right now aren’t you. Admit it, Rod Stewart was the king of sexy in his day. But I’m not here to reflect upon retired rock legends that are old enough to be my father, I’m here to address the SEXY woman…YOU. You may not realize it, but you are. Its part of our make up. If you were to line up twenty different men each one would have a different idea about what sexy means to them. We can’t change ourselves to fit their desires, but we can change our minds which will influence their desire. So, to get you ready for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share some great mind moves to get you fired up. Sexy starts in the mind, which means any woman can create SEXY if she knows how to use her mind.

Being sexy isn’t as tough as it seems. It doesn’t require a Victoria Secret purchase that promises to make you look 18 again. These 5 HOT tips will ROCK YOUR WORLD. If you apply these essential tips to your life and your mind, SEXINESS is sure to be yours! And then watch out WORLD!

S – Self awareness
When you take the time to learn everything you can about yourself you allow others to embrace you as well. Self awareness requires that you look internally at the choices you make in your life and understand their foundation. Confidence comes from a belief in yourself and your choices. How many people do you know that constantly look for the fault in every situation, or the fault in every person? How does that effect your relationship with them? Are you drawn to them or are you repelled? It is a courageous woman that knows who she is and is willing to accept others for who they are. The goal is to achieve your own awareness before you seek to understand others. This will create a SEXY foundation for all your relationships…beginning with the relationship with yourself.

E – Expression

A SEXY mind is free to express love, fear, happiness, joy, ecstasy, anger, courage, compassion and so many other emotions. A SEXY woman is not afraid to share how she feels. We were designed to feel and connect from a place of emotion and spirit. It is a gift we have as human beings to express our emotions. As awareness builds, you will be more in tune and in control of those emotions that serve you and of those emotions that don’t serve you. Choose wisely and you will reap wise results. Choose the courage to express your true self and people will be drawn to your heart and your spirit. Release the NEED to be accepted and allow yourself to be received just as you are. But keep in mind, some emotions do not serve you and only you can decide which ones need to be eliminated.

X – X’ceptional Standards
What are your standards? Consider that your life is the way it is because of your standards? You either have them so high, your unfulfilled, or they are so low, you feel like a failure. Yes there are some in between standards as well. We are women who have been given the freedom of choice. If your life is not what you expected, it’s never too late to raise your standards. Get fed up! Get Fired up! Get revved up to take your life to the next level of passion and success by simply raising your standards. Keep in mind, you may need to raise the standards you hold for yourself. Every time you face a decision, ask yourself if this choice is the right choice to move your life forward. This is the ONE strategy that makes all the difference. One simple shift in this area, and you will see a change. X’ceptional Standards lead to an X’ceptional Life

Y – Yearn to Learn

This is not the same as self awareness, this is the yearning you have to learn new insights, new perspectives and new tools to redirect and change your life. With this strategy, you seek growth from the outside. Through books, Cd’s, seminars, groups and so many more resources, you will be awakened to a world of possibilities. We were never created to have all the answers in our life, but we were created to connect to people who can contribute to that growth. As you increase your yearning to learn, you open your life to people, places and opportunities that will give insight to your destiny in life. How would your life look if you knew without a doubt you were following your purpose and destiny? We are curious creatures and it is through this curiosity that we grow. If we do not grow, we die. As we learn more in life, a seed is planted and as we evolve that seed is given light, food and direction to become a strong and life giving source. You are that seed and how you feed it will determine the strength and growth of your spirit.

Mind: Know Your Mission

The source of a woman’s beauty comes from her belief in herself and her spirit. She must have faith that her life is designed to serve a greater purpose and it is through her mission in life, that she honors that spirit. A mission minded woman is SEXY and has the courage to make a difference.

You can make a difference in your life starting with your mind. What would your relationships look like if you created powerful empowering thoughts? I know the outside appearance makes the first impression, but the inside appearance keeps their attention. Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching, but with the proper mindset, every day can be Valentine’s Day.

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