February 28, 2024


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What Contact Lenses is Right for your Eye? A Guide

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There are so many lenses types and there is no hard and fast rule about which one is the best because the best for one can be the worst choice for other so you need to carefully know what your eye need is and what makes you feel comfortable. One day you might be wearing a blue colored lenses and next day hazel green or golden can be your choice, any color is fine as long as you are not hurting your eye (and the makeup). Contact lenses are an easy way to flaunt your eye makeup while having a perfect solution for you near or far sightedness. There are different kinds of lenses like soft lenses, silicon based lenses and so much more, below we have shared the guide about different contact lens types and when you find one that suits you, order your pair using Eyewa voucher code offered by coupon.ae for UAE shoppers to save huge amounts. Check the details below.

Soft Contact Lenses:

This type of lenses is made to let more air pass from your cornea as these have a combination of water and plastic used in their making. These lenses feel more comfortable in wearing than the rigid types. These are best for eyes that easily get swell, have blurry vision or cloudy feel due to using contact lenses. These require less cleaning than rigid ones.

Soft Colored Contacts:

These lenses are more practical type of contacts and these are fun too. These are opaque, darker and used to change eye color. These are medical lenses and can be used for eyesight issues but these require more care than transparent ones. Sharing them with anyone or any impurity or dust can harm the eyes through swelling, infection and more.

Permeable Gas Lenses:

Although these contacts let oxygen pass and have silicone as their material but these are stiffer than the soft ones. These offer better vision, correct astigmatism and are really durable when took care of. such contacts are bit pricey so if you live in UAE, don’t forget to use Eyewa voucher code sourced at coupon.ae for avoiding the crash of bank.

Bifocal Contact Lenses:

Presbyopia is the condition in which the person finds it hard to focus near and far both at the same time. This happens mainly due to the age factor. Bifocal lenses are much helpful in dealing with conditions that involve both far and near vision issues. These lenses are available in both options and you can choose between soft or gas contacts.

Mono Vision Contacts:

Most of the people have different level of near or far sightedness in both eyes, they might have different number for both and if you have such issue then this type is for you. These make your driving easy and you will not have to worry about the gaze. Such lenses can be obtained on really suitable price by using Eyewa voucher code given at coupon.ae.

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