July 15, 2024


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Women, the Amazing Species

Women, the Amazing Species

March 8 is International Women’s Day and suddenly all the world’s attention is on them. The world celebrates women on this day- the amazing female species whose hearts are tugged in a lot of common places but are most times filled with love.

She, whose smiles can melt a heart or with a single touch heal an aching wound; She, with that heart of hers, ready to give away anytime for a child she bore; She, who loves unconditionally- the silly nothings of love; She, who takes care of a plant in unbelievable ways; She who remembers occasions- birthdays, anniversaries or any other important dates; She, who counts her joyful days, thinks of days past, picks memories and treasures them; She, whose tears always trickle with emotions even in ordinary places; She, whose heart even goes out for a stranger in the street or whose voice can calm a lost child.

The world celebrates her- the woman whose presence makes so much sense in this place. And it talks about her dreams and ambitions. For a change, her concerns and issues are important, things which barely steal the limelight other days and they talk about her amazing ways, how the world will always need her.

They think of her, perhaps some of them are even looking for ways to make her day. Well, it’s easy to make her smile if you ask me because she cares even for the simple and sometimes silly things in life. She’s got this heart that melts easy in the face of circumstances. And she will never forget a kind gesture. You know there is always space for many small details in her. There are days you just know she will be there for you.

But she is fragile; often an emotional fool who takes petty silly things seriously as others may think but she cares deeply for the outmost things. She will laugh or cry easily and she will even get into the skin of other people’s problems and heartaches but she knows exactly how it feels to be hurt or broken.

Yes, she is the amazing kind and all the seeming silly things find their worth in her presence. And that is why the world’s a nicer place because without her, things will never be the same.

But the world forgets that a lot of times her smiles are stained with pain.

That she could be daring through another day for the sake of her child, for the sake of keeping a family, a home together. And her silent tears are forgotten, often overshadowed by larger problems of the society.

As she bears another day of violence, who knows the pangs of that woman who makes a house a home? Who hears her cries of vulnerability as spaces of our surroundings get filthy with selfish desires? Who cares for her safe return from work or place of learning?

As she faces another day of a crime-witnessed world, where is the hand of justice that assures her of safer days ahead? And as she hears it over and over again, of equality that makes equal divides, of gender equality that propagates equal opportunities, where is the place for her to stand and give her voice? Why do they think her incapable of being a leader? Where is the equality?

She receives her praises for being the good housewife, for the greater achievements of her better half, the simple proof that she’s good at more than being a mother or a housewife but where is the chance for her to prove herself?
It’s really an honour that they celebrate women today. But celebrating International Women’s Day would make more sense if issues close to a woman’s heart are taken up seriously rather than mere appreciation for what she does.