October 3, 2023


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The Armor-Bearer – Practical Applications For the Armor-Bearer

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This article is dedicated to examining some of the practical applications that an armorbearer or one with the spirit of armorbearing should clearly have under his or her belt. These practices will make things run smoothly while serving your leaders and also they will help polish the ministry of your leaders when they travel outside of the domains of the local church setting.

Whether your leader is a local church leader only or they have a traveling ministry, these practices should be in place.

Inspection or Observation – You should make it a habit of inspecting and observing your leader. The inspection of their attire is necessary. Is their tie straight? Do they have their handkerchief or towel? Is there something to drink available? What temperature water do they drink? Is their zipper down? Is thread hanging off something? Is there lint on her skirt? These are minor things that your leader could have gotten distracted from and is your duty to pick up. These minor things could bring distraction later on.

Know Your Leader’s Administration – The Bible speaks about different giftings and different administration. Your leader may be one of seven prophets in the room but his application is unique. You are required to study and know your leader’s application. What music enhances his gifting? What movements throw him off? What is tolerable and what is distraction for him? What does he like to do before he ministers? These are all things that are unique to your leader. You better know these things.

Know Your Leader’s Vision – You cannot successfully serve a leader without serving their vision. Know the vision God gave them. Be able to articulate it. Be able to explain it. People have a right to ask you about your leader’s vision.

Know Your Leader’s Products If your leader writes books or has teaching series, you must know them. Know teachings that your leader has that you can prescribe to those in need. Read your leader’s books. Listen to their teachings. Not only will you sound like your leader, you will be imparted by their spirit this way. The worst thing is when everyone is gleaning on products produced by your leader and you don’t have a clue what has been said. Get a hold of all your leader’s products: books, magazines, videos, DVDs, CDs, etc. Also remember, your leader’s vision can be discovered in their products.

Promote Your Leader’s Health – Study the health of your leader. Know what foods are right for them and which foods are A forbidden apples.” When you have the opportunity, buy your leader healthy foods. Promote nutritious foods that enhance great health. Demonstrate healthiness in your own body. Take care of yourself. Exercise. Take vitamins and nutrition. Understand the attacks against your leader’s body and research natural remedies.

Know Your Leader’s Communication Styles B Become acquainted with how your leader likes to hear their voice. This is critical when you travel. Help get the correct sound. Know appropriate equipment such as microphones and sound boards. A distorted voice could be an incredible distraction while your leader is ministering. Understand how a host church functions and help adjust your leader’s voice to their likening. Know what sounds appropriate. Discern an incorrect atmosphere and try to stimulate proper adjustments.

Develop the Spirit of Anticipation

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

Isaiah 65:24

You must develop anticipation towards your leader. You should know their next move. Be able to anticipate what is needed next. This takes work in the Spirit. Know when your leader needs worship or praise. Anticipate when our leader is thirsty or if the perspiration on their face is a distraction or a fuel to go further. Leaders can’t teach you these things. You have to learn from them as a student in the school of the Spirit.

Be a Faithful Intercessor of Your Leader – You must always stand in the gap for your leader and their family. Be willing to absorb some of the evil darts meant for their destruction.

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